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Jun 25, 2016 at 8:00 PM
Jun 5, 2012
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Advocate, Male, 34, from Illinois

Beer Trader
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Jun 25, 2016 at 8:00 PM
  • About

    May 1, 1982 (Age: 34)
    I'm mostly into sours, barleywine and barrel-aged beer at this point.

    I'm NOT looking for: super hoppy IPAs (and I prefer pale ales/ipas on the citra side of the spectrum), lighter/lower flavor styles, and I'm strangely picky about Belgians.

    ISO (Top Wants)

    Bachelor Party Tasting: Cantillon! (especially one offs and Lou Pepe Framboise & LP Gueuze), BA Hunas, SHBRL, CFH, and HillyFarms.rar.

    Founders Tasting: KBS '09 or older, FBS '10 or older, FIS '10 or older, Cerise '10 or older, other older/oscure brews. Also, backstage glassware except CBS and new KBS glass.

    Other Top Wants: King Henry, Le Bleu, Alpine Great, Bligh's Barleywine Ale, any HFs, The Livery bottles,

    Permawants: anything I haven't had from Kuhnhenn (or BB4D), CW Y2K (vintages older than 2012), HF Art/Arthur in honor of my dad, Cascade, Upland or Jackie O's Sours.

    Beer from every state (left to try): Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming.

    Completed Trades:
    Have met and traded with these guys multiple times. Great traders and BAs. I would be shocked if you ever had a problem with any of them.
    -Tat2dHllBlly IP (many times...would vouch for this guy anytime)
    -Modern IP (many times...would vouch for this guy anytime)
    -MordorMongo IP x3 (Indy - can't beat this guy's generosity)
    -Shoo65 IP x4 (Indy)
    -Jisom123 IP x2 (@Both Jackie O's 2012 Releases)
    -Duels IP x2 (Indy)
    -Muskabeats IP (DLD '13)
    -Cardern IP x3 (@Great Taste '12, Chicago, & DLD '13)
    -UrbanCaver IP x2 (@Jackie O's 7th Anny)
    -Beesy IP (@Jackie O's 7th Anny)
    -MarkIntihar IP (@Jackie O's 3/1/13)
    -CoopBen IP x2(@Jackie O's 3/1/13 & DLD '13)

    Good trading experiences and would trade with again:
    Keyes88 - Newer trader, shipped first, great communication, nice job packing, generous extras. Will trade with again! 01/2013
    CFH64 (de facto trade)
    JohnFromPurdue x2
    Owen49 IP (Columbus)
    Buzze40 IP (Chicago)
    JimmyW IP x2 (Chicago)
    timald IP (Chicago)
    Nachos4two IP (Chicago)
    AJDePaul IP (Chicago)
    Stevegoz IP (Chicago)
    Incubuscience IP (Chicago)
    makdeco IP (Chicago)
    Mtrutlin IP (@Great Taste '12)
    Cyburai IP (@Great Taste '12)
    Imbibingmytime IP (@Great Taste '12)
    BeerBob26 IP (@FFF)
    DonnieDarko IP (Columbus)
    nrbw23 IP (Columbus)
    RyanMcFly1985 IP (@Jackie O's 7th Anny)
    Pyite IP (@Jackie O's 3/1/13)
    plumcrazyfx IP (@Darkness Day '12)
    Milleacsmark IP (@Darkness Day '12)
    dahowel=umichdave IP (DLD '13)
    joromiller IP (DLD '13)
    emelius IP (Indy 5/13)
    jaminjohnson (IP GToM '13)

    Trades In Progress:
    kevanb (IP Chicago)

    LIFs Won:
    -New Beginnings LIF (Nanobrew)*
    -What was my bachelor party/wedding beers? LIF (LostTraveler)*
    -Willpower 32 LIF - Itinerary Edition! (GuisseppeFranco)*
    -Dumb Reminders LIF (MarkIntihar)*
    -Triumphant Return LIF (CrushedVol)*
    -Good Times on BA - 1k Post LIF (Davey101)*
    -50 States LIF - part 7 (roseym1331)*
    -Framboise for a Cure LIF - (Leschkie)*
    -YaKnowBrady's TMTOB: Conversations vs. Forums - bequeathed the proceeds to Leschkie*
    -New Girl LIF - (monnie)*...bequeathed the proceeds to RobL
    -Sharing is Caring - The Stipulation LIF - (Spider889)*
    -Exception LIF/aka Brad gets beer...- (Lucas1801)*
    -Survivor LIF '12 - (Sidebordz, Hmph/MarkIntihar, NJOssie, Mymrnngjckt, GuisseppeFranco, Gehrig13, oline73, SP23, Twiggamortis420, Libbey, Heatwave)*

    BIFs and LIF boxes sent:
    -Progressive LIF (Sent to FalconA)*
    -BigLobo8971's 2nd Annual Darkness Day Blind Bottle BIF*
    -BigLobo8971's 2nd Annual Darkness Day IP BIF*
    -Sent to Myersk27, just because*
    -CashCab LIF/BIF - (Sent to FishPondManager)*
    -FF BIF: Easy Like Sunday Morning - (Sent to PSUDrew)*
    -Exception LIF/aka Brad gets beer...- (Sent to cfh64)*
    -Bree6221's Super Bowl XLVII Squares BIF - (Sent to BGsWo22)*
    -Jnorton00's Breweriana BIF 2013 (1st edition) - (Sent to Imstillthegman, Received from Knownfactor)*


    LIFs Hosted
    It's Only Logical 1 - Fluke828 won 3 points*
    It's Only Logical 2 - Mathematizer became the target (2 boxes)*
    It's Only Logical 3 - TheGr8BeerState spun the Wheel (FFF)*
    It's Only Logical 4 - TheGr8BeerState won my Willpower Box*
    It's Only Logical 5 - Jarrgal won my New Beginnings Box
    It's Only Logical 6 - Laxer8811 became the new target (3 boxes)*
    It's Only Logical 6.5 - Jaminjohnson (prize - box from Laxer8811)*
    It's Only Logical 7 - Jeopardy (New Target - JaminJohnson)
    It's Only Logical 8 - 50 States Edition (thegerm87)*
    It's Only Logical 9 - Dumb Reminders? (Wheel Round - soon)
    It's Only Logical 10 - Sharing Is Caring?
    It's Only Logical...Beer Karma Bonus Box Round - Soon!
    It's Only Logical...Championship Round - Coming Soon!

    Glassware BIF info:

    -Kuhnhenn snifters (old logo, especially the gold)
    -Old KBS glass
    -Goose Island snifter (with chicago flag aka 3 black stars and a
    -Bourbon County taster
    -Hill Farmstead that I don't have (especially the stemmed mini
    tasting glass & the grey etched glass)
    -FFF/Intelligentsia mug
    -FFF/Intelligentsia mini snifters ('12 and older)
    -Cantillon glasses (esp. Cursive flute, Cursive tumbler, Balloon)
    -Mini snifters! (Yazoo and Elysium to name a couple)
    -Utopias Glass
    -Vertical Epic glass
    -Town Hall tulip
    -Perennial snifter
    -3F fountain gueuze glass
    -Stone Double Bastard rocks glasses x2 ("DBA Specialty Glass")
    -Hardywood Gingerbread Stout
    -Tekus (Non-FFF, FW, or Deschutes)
    -Old Huna glass
    -Coronado snifter
    -Duvel Collection - Stefan Glerum (red & black stripes)
    -Duvel Collection - Eley Kishimoto (black & gold feather-ish)
    -I love tasting glasses! Mini snifters, mini stemmed tasters, other...
    Any interesting glasses I don't have especially from the following breweries:
    The Livery
    Cascade -snifter
    Captain Lawrence - color logoed snifter
    Central Waters
    Midnight Sun
    Perennial - new snifter
    Four Hands
    Left Hand (love the 400lb Monkey and Milk Stout artwork (w/cow), I think there are some glasses with those on there)

    Cantillon small tulip (white logo)
    Cantillon stemmed taster x2
    Cantillon gold logo
    Cantillon Gueuze Glass
    Cantillon Abbaye De Cureghem (Zwanze '13) glass x2
    Hill Farmstead wine glass (white...want to swap for gray)
    Great Lakes (brewery logo) snifter
    Darkness Day 2012 snifter
    FFF Teku
    FFF/Intelligencia mini snifter
    Firestone Walker Teku
    Deschutes Teku
    Deschutes Rastal taster
    Deschutes mini taster
    CBS Snifter
    KBS goblet (new)
    BCBS Snifter
    Left Hand I Woke Up Dead snifter
    Left Hand (brewery logo) snifter
    Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout imperial pint glass (9/29/11)
    Russian River (brewery logo) stemmed goblet
    Pumking goblet
    Against the Grain (brewery logo) flute
    Against the Grain bubble mug
    Jackie O's 6th & 7th anniversary mini snifters
    Jackie O's STAFF 2013 glass
    Jackie O's Snifter (green text)
    Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale snifter
    Half Acre bubble mug (with owl)
    Half Acre tulip (orange block letters)
    Cuvee de Jacobins tulips (white & black logos)
    Great Divide Yeti snifter
    FW Proprietor Reserve Series Tulip (FW & Barrels)
    FW Proprietor Reserve Series Snifter w/animals & barrel
    FW mini snifter w/animals and the barrel
    Crooked Stave snifter
    Upland Sour Fest taster
    Westy 12 Chalice (brick)
    Lagunitas Mason Jar
    New Glarus Pilsner
    Jester King goblet
    Ommegang Game of Thrones tulip
    Sun King taster
    Sun King can glass
    Nightshift mini snifter
    Kuhnhenn pint glass (gold logo)
    Kuhnhenn snifter (new gold logo) x3 - incoming
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