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Jan 18, 2013
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Advocate, Male, from Colorado

Fat people are harder to kidnap May 17, 2014

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    I don't ship until you have accepted the trade request. That is the only way to cover yourself now. ;)

    *Everything is in a temp controlled humidified beer cellar downtown as of March '14, so it may take a couple days for me to get bottles/I won't be able to get tracking in a matter of hours like the past*

    -Looking for unique gueuze, lambic and sours. Fed me Cantillon and 3F

    -Definitely looking for Midwest BA stouts: BA Abraxas (muh fav), Murda'd Out Stout, Dark Lord variants (not Bourbon (though big yes to BVDL)), BCBS (non-fruit variants), Black Note, BA Plead the 5th

    -Non-BA Midwest stouts I really enjoy: Baller Stout, Half Acre Big Hugs, Big John, Smore Money Smore Problems.

    -The South: I am a big fan of Hunahpu, Zhukov, Life is Like, Brewer's Brunch, Westbrook Cake(+BA), Olde Hickory Event Horizon and Lindley Park.

    -The West/Midwest:TG (really anything by TG) stouts and more Prairie stouts. Golden Road Brewing- Wolf Among Weeds (love that IPA)

    -Citra Pales

    -Big fan of teku glassware from my fav breweries (have CCB, FFF now)
    -Glassware I am looking for are from breweries- Prairie, Perennial, 3F, Cantillon (not Iris glass), RR, TG (Assassin Teku) but anything TG

    Styles I don't Like: Barleywine, Quads, Wee Heavy, Scottish Ales, Reds, Browns, Most IPA's (but I love APA Zombie Dust, and IPA Jai Alai). Just send your area's best RIS, and I am a happy camper.

    Trades completed with:

    Grant35 (x3) ongoing (feed 'em; feed him), totoropanda, Krebsy (x2), Dactrius, mlefevre, ajzy, Bauermj, nflmvp, apuzame, cparles, trancesk8er, thebigfriendly (x2), tdavedmac (IP), fatsbelvadere (lots of beer back and forth), beermothalova, pinnser, GHB, t_fogelstrom (x2), maximthegreat, Chibeerguy1 (x2), rmalinowski4, thedarkestlord, Duffman929 (x2), cfrances33, thesamkuehn (x2), skeeterboganski (IP x2), NHbeerguy (x2), dmbsnus, rhoadester69, JohnPPutz, codybear127, ILikebrew, Mike, cacostaj, Compton25, DenverBeerDrinker (IP), Gunch52, adnielsen, DBCooper III, usfice6, lnashsig, ChrisRoberts, SaulTBauls, RomaniIteDomum, Andreias21, Skunkdrool, Deltoro, MykelJH, drewone, camil1mj, kingkukta, justincan (x2), jwk7324 (x2), Kt_USF, shawn14526, joshodonn, woodrow, Denzo, Catchy_Name, chodog, SadMachine, chingringo, linkes (2x), injuredreserve, jfstilling, pluchar, Anoynymous1, Papparoachy, johnyb, perhops (many beers back and forth), budsandsuds8 (IP), acurtis, jblastick, MJsGhost, ktenneydenver (IP), gklover1 (IPx2), kramerbarthomer (IP), phatch1 (x2), Lucho, cardsfan, Schlais, MRC711, Jarpo, FreshZ, UWBadgerFan4Life, cmrillo, Brendan4532, blindpiggie, forgetfu (IP), ronn, KCBeerNerd, wahba, thatoneguymoe, dbrelsfo (x2), Jimmieall, Rotero24, Veliksta1, Jeffrey2310, Lare453, Papa_Lafayette, Chuck5315, Grilfwett, DrMcleoud10, PreisMJ...etc

    Fun little games played on here:
    2014 BA March Madness
    NBO: World Cup BIF
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