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’t Goeye Goet Herfstbock

Discussion in 'Benelux' started by Douberd, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Douberd

    Douberd Savant (320) Netherlands Jan 27, 2012

    A question to any dutch guys out there, or anyone that has tasted this beer.

    I was recently at the Openluchtmuseum here in Arnhem and I got to taste their bock. Straight from the tap, in a plastic glass, two sips maybe. It was good, some toffee, some dark chocolate, a good bock. I didn't buy it then because I didn't have enough money with me and I prefered to buy their 100 year anniversary beer. When I asked where else I could find their beer, they gave me the name of a liquor store, where it happens that I buy most of my special beers. I went there some days later, I asked, they told me it's coming on Friday.Two weeks after that, I sent my girlfriend to get me a bottle of their bock beer and you can see where this is going, I opened it tonight, great appearance, great smell but the taste was not the one I expected. Very sour, nothing at all of what I had tasted, no bitter chocolate notes, not caramel, nothing.
    So my question is, has any dutch tasted it and if yes, was it also that bad? (it was not on the database, I just added it). On ratebeer a recent review found it to be ok, but from previous years reports are that it was oxidized.

    Also, should I get in touch with them and let them now that their beer had a foul taste and ask for another bottle or something?
  2. Hi there,

    Fellow dutch BA here, I tried their Herfstbock from bottle, not from tap, so I can't compare those 2. But my bottle was okay, carbonation still intact and quite sweet. It's possible you had a bad bottle and/or batch. I suggest you send them an email or contact them on Facebook and let them know about your experience, they either apologize for it or give you a voucher for a free beer. Anyway, good luck and please let us know how it went!

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