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1st annual winter beer glass it forward: hints/hauls and shenanigans

Discussion in 'Breweriana' started by jaminjohnson, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. everybody should have a target, if i goofed or theres a question bm me
  2. the sign up doc should be unlocked soon to view shirt sizes if needed

  3. Kaydogg

    Kaydogg Savant (385) Pennsylvania Jan 5, 2011

    my target is the glass master. But I got some treats for him he will enjoy
    excited for this
  4. Corbet

    Corbet Savant (340) Michigan Nov 7, 2010

    Crosspost from other thread:

    -99% of what I have is Ohio/Michigan based
    -I'd love anything from any sour/funk related breweries (Ale Apothecary, Funkwerks, Crooked Stave, Cantillon, Tired Hands, Cascade, RR, etc) or any under the radar breweries
    -I'm not hard to please
  5. My target is 1004 miles away from me..Give or take a mile or two
  6. my target is going to get at least one item from my local brewery that is now/is currently entering distro in their state
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  7. My Gots:
    Three Floyds (most/all?)
    Half Acre (ditto)
    Pipeworks Berliner Weisse glass
    Tired Hands (this one)
    The Lost Abbey tekus (standard & Sinners)
    Goose Island (a few - no BCBS)
    Cigar City snifter + Hunaphu's
    Bruery tulip
    Delirium Tremens snifter
    Hill Farmstead (the big one)
    Pretty Things
    Maine Beer
    Boulevard tulip
    Elysian pumpkin taster
    Hardywood Singel + Gingerbread Stout
    Cantillon (all current styles, all '12 Zwanze glasses except for The Foundry; no vintage)
    3 Fonteinen (barrel tumbler, newer wine glass - no '3' tumbler, degustation, or this)
    Tilquin tumbler
    Hitachino wavy glass
    Alchemist Brewpub willi glass (pre-hurricane)
    Hilliard's can glass
    Hoppin' Frog snifter
    Russian River cervoise
    New Glarus signature glass
    Jolly Pumpkin snifter
    Jackie O's tulip
    Uinta Crooked Line tulip
    Cuvee Jacobins Rouge
    Duvel (many)
    Jester King (these two)
    Samuel Smith micro nonic pint

    Top Wants:
    Cantillon cursive script tumbler (left)
    Cantillon Iris glass (yeahhhh, right...)
    Cantillon orange inked balloon (another megawhale I won't expect)
    Bourbon County snifter
    Tekus (have FFF, both Lost Abbey, Mikkeller, and Alla Spina)
    Sano chalice
    Kentucky Breakfast Stout glass
    Stillwater Artisanal Ales stemmed glass
    White Birch (seriously)
    Dogfish Head wine glass
    smaller Hill Farmstead stems
    City Tap House Sour Saturday glass
    Hop & Vine glass
    Oerbier glasses (big and small)
    Bruery taster glass

    Glasses I Like:
    delicate long-stemmed 'wine' glasses
    local beer bar stems
    micro-nonic pints
    interesting taster glasses
    geuze tumblers
    teh s0urzzzz

    T-shirt: XL
  8. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Champion (825) New York Dec 13, 2009

    my target's username does not start with a vowel. (s)he will be receiving a box that will contain glassware.

    to my target, i love mini snifters and mini taster glasses, but am happy with anything i don't already have.

    tshirt = large (hopefully medium soon, but let's play it safe and say large)
  9. My target will be getting at least one glass that he or she really wants !!!
    Along with a couple others they must be unaware of wanting..
  10. OK, my google doc should be public now and if it's not someone please come punch me for being an idiot!
  11. Already wrapping up a few glasses for my target...
  12. My glassware doc (still bring made pretty and full of info) can be found in my profile. I do have wants, but I would like to be surprised with anything I don't already have. I really like glassware that are not common shapes (not boots!) and tasting glasses. My target has some really nice glasses, but will not have any of the locals ill send. There might even be a glass whale sighting. It's going west,
    Ill come up with a better hint later!
  13. djaeon

    djaeon Advocate (735) California Oct 2, 2006

  14. djaeon

    djaeon Advocate (735) California Oct 2, 2006

    It's working now;)
  15. I think we can forego the "he/she" stuff. We all know this is a total sausage party. :p
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  16. bigaltemple

    bigaltemple Savant (300) Colorado May 2, 2011

    A box of glassware will be headed east of me within the next month. Can't give away too much!

    I only have a few "go-to" glasses, so I'm pretty open to anything coming my way. If listing a top want, I would have to jump on the Teku bandwagon. Those just look amazing.
  17. jedwards

    jedwards Savant (330) California Feb 3, 2009

    My target is very low-information, but I think I'll be able to send some great stuff regardless :D

    Most of the glassware I already have is included here, will try to get a few stragglers added tomorrow (they're mostly local anyways though): http://www.flickr.com/photos/jedwards/sets/72157628934381745/

    I'm a big fan of tulips-that-don't-flare-out-at-the-top and shorter stemmed glasses, but pretty much find something to like in every style. Only stuff I'm specifically seeking is the old Courage "Imperial Russian Stout" chalice and some weird old De Dolle stanges.
  18. dc55110

    dc55110 Advocate (525) Minnesota Oct 24, 2010

    Here is a link to some hastily take pictures of the majority of the non-pint glassware I have. There glasses that are a few missing in this photo gallery (reached the Flickr monthly upload max): FFF/Intelligentsia Mug and Mini Snifter, Elysian Great Pumpkin Festival taster 2012. I'm sure I've missed others, but that is all that I know of right off the top of my head.

    I'll try to get a searchable/filterable spreadsheet together tomorrow.

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  19. tubbnik

    tubbnik Savant (325) Pennsylvania Apr 21, 2006

    I'll have a gots on my profile page sometime this AM, but I am super agreeable to pretty much anything outside of PA.
  20. djaeon

    djaeon Advocate (735) California Oct 2, 2006

    My targets box will be travelling further than any other, to a winter wonderland in the North East.
  21. My target lives east of the Mississippi River and south of the North Pole. As of now, he will be getting a couple of things that he specifically wants and does not have.

    My glassware gots/wants are up on my profile; however, I'd be thrilled with anything with a stem that I don't already have and that's not readily available online. When it comes to glassware, I'm pretty easy to please, too.
  22. dc55110

    dc55110 Advocate (525) Minnesota Oct 24, 2010

    Links to both pictures and a sortable spreadsheet are on my profile page.
  23. duceswild

    duceswild Advocate (740) Maryland Feb 8, 2010

    I'm not in this BIF, but I really enjoy seeing the photos of everyones glass collection...now I need to find a lot more stuff through ;)
  24. totoropanda

    totoropanda Savant (255) New Jersey Apr 12, 2012

    My target posted already and will get something he or she wants.​
    For things i have.. Goose island matilda(silver goose), Goose island Bottle cap logo(shows goose and says IPA), Goose island bottle cap(with logo), New beligum, hardywood park gingerbread stout, Hunahpu sniffer, Duvel artist Glerum and myers, firestone reserve, westy glasses, Bolt cutter sniffer and utopias glass.​
    Top wants​
    3 Fonteinen glass, BCBS sniffer from black friday, kate sniffer, cantillon flute glass. Heck i will take more cantillon glasses lol. Also look also for the old school matilda glass. In all im down for anything that looks cool, teku, long stem, or anything that im not able to pick up at a brewery online store or from my area.​
  25. Wow Toto nice selection of glasses there ... Hoping to acquire a hardywood park gingerbread stout glass tomm myself !!!
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  26. What is this Hardywood Park glass? Pics?
    (Even though I'm sure I want it already.)
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  27. djaeon

    djaeon Advocate (735) California Oct 2, 2006

    Is this it?

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  28. Kaydogg

    Kaydogg Savant (385) Pennsylvania Jan 5, 2011

    Going out to Hershey this weekend... gonna make a stop a Troegs to check out the goods!
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  29. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Champion (825) New York Dec 13, 2009

    wow that gift set looks bada$$...iso.
  30. My target lives west of me in a state that's home to a couple of famous film directors I'm a fan of.
  31. I don't really know anything about Hardywood. Is that a seasonal or something year round, or say that I might be able to snag when I head south this spring? I guess I could look it up tonight. Anyway, sorry to derail the thread.
  32. dc55110

    dc55110 Advocate (525) Minnesota Oct 24, 2010

    My target lives in another state, in a direction away from Minnesota. They have posted in this thread. They will be getting glassware from a several breweries.
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  33. I thought you guys had your fingers on the glasswhale pulse. ;)
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  34. My target lives closer to the ocean than me, and they will be getting some nice glasses from some newer badass breweries that theymight have heard of,... and 1 or 2 wants
  35. bigaltemple

    bigaltemple Savant (300) Colorado May 2, 2011

    Not sure I'll be able to track down any whalez for my target, but hopefully they won't mind knocking out some glassware ticks.
  36. I thought you guys had your fingers on the glasswhale pulse. ;)

    Oh I got wind of that giftpack and had to have it !!!
    Thank God for BA is all I can say !
  37. funkyaudio

    funkyaudio Savant (465) Illinois Feb 14, 2009

    most of my glassware is listed in my cellar spreadsheet under the glassware tab http://tinyurl.com/cb8l9px
    top wants
    Cantillion glassware
    KBS Glass
    stuff that cannot be bought online.
  38. funkyaudio

    funkyaudio Savant (465) Illinois Feb 14, 2009

    Ok here is a hint my target is not in my state.
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