1st Homebrew - How to make it better?

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  1. “Wont simply boiling the water you are adding to the primary remove the chlorine?” Boiling will indeed remove chlorine. I am not a utility water expert but I think the majority of public water is using chloramine these days (since chloramine is more stable than chlorine).

    So, if the OP contacts his public water provider and finds out that his tap water contains chlorine then he has the option of the boiling method. He will need to boil his ‘top off’ water and let it cool down prior to adding it to the primary.

    A ‘benefit’ of the carbon block filtering method is that in addition to removing chlorine/chloramine it will also remove other aesthetic volatiles (if they are present).

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    Not sure whether it matters but i also have a water softener in which all my tap water runs through.
  3. I am not a water treatment expert but my understanding of water softeners is that they remove the ions that cause the water to be hard, in most cases calcium and magnesium ions.

    I very much doubt that the water softening process will have any impact on the aspects of chlorine/chloramine.

    Hopefully billandsuz will chime in on this thread; he is a water treatment expert.