3 Fonteinen store hours?

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  1. I'm traveling to Brussels tomorrow, and I'm having a hell of a hard time figuring out 3 Fonteinen hours. From what I understand, there is the brewery itself, a restaurant, and a store. I'm really interested in hitting up the store, but I'm really confused as to what hours they're open. Does anyone have a clue? Google and their website (very weakly translated by google) have only said something about the brewery being only open to the public on Friday and Saturday...if this is true for the store as well, I'll be pretty pissed considering I'll only be there for a couple days!

    Any help at all would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. Open only on friday and saturday.....
  3. ............fuck.

    Thanks for the quick response! At least Cantillon is open.
  4. If i were you i would give it a try by calling them. With some luck they will let you come....

    +32 (0)2 306 71 03
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  5. I will most definitely try, I've heard they're great people. I'd definitely spend a fair share of coinage there, so I'd make it worth their time. Thanks so much!
  6. Just Thijs being Thijs.
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  7. rood

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    Imho, the 3 fonteinen store is not worth it. Only the regular stuff are on sale and they are more expensive than drankenhandel. For example, no golden blend, no doesjel, etc..
  8. Erzengel

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    I bought the mentioned two there - but I think it depends on what's in stock :)
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    Absolutely. When I was there they had Golden Blend and Armand'4. I assume they have an allocation of everything for the store and when that runs out it is gone.
  10. they still have armand' 4 seasons and Herfst. So im wondering why everyone thinks these 4 seasons are such big whales? :s
  11. Can't help it Frank.....
  12. the store is only open on friday and saturday? can you still drink good stuff from the brewery in the cafe?
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    Yes, though the vintage menu (when I was there) was fairly limited, it was definitely worth the trip. Plus Beersel castle is cool.