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50/50 Eclipse in MA

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by jamvt, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. jglowe77

    jglowe77 Initiate (0) Massachusetts Jan 24, 2011

  2. wdarcy77

    wdarcy77 Initiate (0) Massachusetts Nov 27, 2008


    Everyone leave work and drive there immediately ;)
  3. no prices posted.

    "Now available for this first time in MA, and in stock at Julio's: the 2012 releases of 50/50 Eclipse bourbon-barrel Imperial Stout! This year's barrels were:
    Elijah Craig 12yr
    Old Fitzgerald
    Bernheim Wheat
    Rittenhouse Rye
    Evan Williams
    Corn Whiskey
    Rebel Yell
  4. looks like 29.99 a bottle at julios

    i cant find any info on if they are going to be for sale anywhere else in MA
  5. Too late, probably already gone. :)

    Curious what the prices are. These things are $20-$25 straight from the brewery, I've heard upwards of $30 on shelves out west. Between shipping and MA markup, wouldn't surprise me if they are $35 apiece.

    The few I've had were very good beers, but I wouldn't pay $30 for them.
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  6. I was just there, its a shelf item and still in stock. By all 6 and 15% discount knocks it down to $25/bottle :)
  7. CBC Belmont just tweeted they have some, well the Rittenhouse Rye barrel one at least...
  8. CBC has 6 variants. $30 a pop
  9. These will sit for a while. Maybe not all the variants but not many ppl willing to shell that out for an average BB stout.
  10. Hmm, 50/50 Eclipse here in New England!?
    Seems we're getting off to a good start for 2013.
  11. Ataraxia

    Ataraxia Savant (280) Massachusetts Sep 20, 2012

    Did exactly that at 4PM. Shelf was full of them b/c of the high price, relative lack of fame (to everyone else there).
    Picked up 2x Rittenhouse and 1x Elijah - like a sucker punch to the wallet...
  12. Who the hell is distributing these in Mass???
  13. ^^^ not sure but Davis Sq Wine & Spirits had 5 of the varieties when I was there this afternoon. They were priced the same as Julios - $29.99 each
  14. Craft.
  15. Glad I'm working in Marlboro tomorrow. Looks like I'll be shooting over to Julios at lunch.
  16. MVP09

    MVP09 Savant (425) Massachusetts Oct 19, 2012

    I was at Julios around 3:30 today and shelf was stacked pretty good. But Thirsty Thurs crowd may have cleaned them out
  17. I got one at a bar in SF for $25 when I was there, didn't get to many beer stores to see them on shelves. They seem to be $30 everywhere in MA from what I have seen so far. The Evan Williams bottle I had was very good but not even close to $30 at a store good. Then again, I think there are less than 5 beers I would even put in that category. I stopped at Julio's on the way home from work and ended up just buying hot sauce because $30 is a way too much for these beers. I actually walked in thinking I would only go as high as $20 for a bottle.
  18. Sesmu

    Sesmu Savant (335) Massachusetts Feb 28, 2007

    But really, why are they $30? The barrels used are from whiskeys that themselves are fine, pretty good maybe, but not really extraordinary. (And even a barrel from a great whiskey doesn't guarantee a great beer). Seems that this ten or so extra dollars are the result of having created sort of a brand, uniqueness - different whiskey, different wax color...
  19. I personally think it is high as well and won't be buying any. However, if they sell all of them in the next week or so, then they were actually priced just fine. Then the answer to the first question in your post would be: because they can.
  20. You have to take into account that Craft bought them then had to ship them to MA so there is a charge for that then any store that bought them is going to add there own charge. The stores may have got them for 20 but they are not going to sell them for that.
  21. Ataraxia

    Ataraxia Savant (280) Massachusetts Sep 20, 2012

    I was there at 4:15, fully stocked up. Coworker got there around 6 or 6:30, Rebel Yell was gone a while ago and everything else was low. I'd assume they were cleaned out by 8.
  22. Those tickers have to tick every rare/hyped beer that comes around. I do not know if there is any beer out there I could pay $30 at retail for.

    To the point of transport costs from California - I see a lot of west coast bbl aged brews priced well below $30. Maybe they had to pay some $ to the Whiskey companies to publicly use their brands? Most brewers are not allowed to publicly state the source of their barrels (you can find out by doing brew tours).
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  23. Eclipse is just an expensive beer, even from the brewery. This year's versions ranged from $20-$22, but also required bulk purchase months in advance, with pickup at the brewery. All things considered, $30 on a shelf in MA is really not that bad of a price, at least relatively speaking. In the greater world of beers, yes, it is very expensive.

    As for why Eclipse is so expensive? I dunno. Ultimately probably because they can charge it. The upside of being a small batch limited release with a good rep is people will pay anything for it. I will say they are very good beers, worth $20 at least.
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  24. I just checked and these were the prices straight from the brewery release in 2012:

    Rebel Yell Whiskey ($20/btl, $10 down, limit 6)
    Elijah Craig 12 year ($20/btl, $10 down, limit 12)
    Evan Williams Single ($20/btl, $10 down, limit 12)
    Rittenhouse Rye ($22/btl, $11 down, limit 12)
    Old Fitzgerald Bourbon ($22/btl, $11 down, limit 12)
    Bernheim Wheat Whiskey ($22/btl, $11 down, limit 6)

    The thing that bothers me more than anything is that it is just a 9.5% stout aged in Bourbon barrels, not exactly the most prestigious of barrels either. I think it is more of just a brand thing and the fact that they can charge $20+ and people will buy it up quickly. I just think the days of $15 being an upper tier beer price are over and were very short-lived, it's just simple economics I suppose. $15 limited release beers fly off the shelves so why not charge $20+, especially when ingredient costs are rising consistently too. We shall see if the $30 price point works, hopefully not. At that price I could homebrew a stout just as good and probably have at least $20 left over per bottle.
  25. Agreed. Had the Rebel Yell about 2-3 weeks ago, tremendous beverage...
  26. Sesmu

    Sesmu Savant (335) Massachusetts Feb 28, 2007

    But why? I'm not really upset :), rather curious. Why Uinta Cockeyed Cooper - bourbon barrel aged (for 5 months?) barley wine, which is phenomenal, imo, costs only $15 and Eclipse - twice as much? Is it just a Grey Goose effect/gimmick or production of Eclipse is really more expensive? And if the later, again - why?
  27. chuckycheese

    chuckycheese Aficionado (180) Maine Feb 18, 2010

    $15-20 eclipse varients? Sure.

    $20+? hmmm, No thanks.

    $30? No way.
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  28. my sentiments exactly is this beer better than bourbon county which can be had for the equivalent of about $10 per bomber
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  29. Like I said, because they can. Fifty Fifty is a much smaller brewer than someone like Uinta, so I'm sure there is a bit of cost efficiency there. I believe it also sits in barrels longer. But those factors are likely nominal compared to "because people will pay it".

    Honestly, breweries like 50/50 probably should be pricing their bottles at $30 or whatever it takes for them to not sell out instantly. With a small-batch limited release, they're not trying to win over regular loyal customers - only the high-end craving beer geeks who have very little price sensitivity. 50/50 runs their model closer to a winery than a brewery (see: beer futures), and I think you're going to start to see more of that at the high end. (At least from an economic/business standpoint, it makes the most sense)
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  30. They're very different beers, despite technically falling under the same style monikers. BCBS is a big thick chewy boozy monster of a stout and clocks in at 15% ABV. The 50/50 variants are thin, delicate, and very nicely balanced at only 9.5% ABV. The Eclipse beers are also trying to showcase the various effects of different types of barrels.

    That said, I think it's hard to argue against BCBS being the best barrel aged stout bargain out there, and Eclipse kind of falls on the other end of the spectrum.

    One last thing - not all of the Eclipse beers are created equal. I haven't had them all, but it's pretty clear from the ratings that they range from awesome down to mediocrity.
  31. Shh other breweries might hear you.
  32. Good point. Back to rabble rousing about prices being too damn high...
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  33. Gordon's on main has a ton, $30 per bottle
  34. In western mass, they have a case of each, except the rebel yell variant at Table and Vine, pretty much the same price tag though, and they are going fairly fast...
  35. Julio's still had all but the Rebel Yell last evening. I picked up an Old Fitzgerald and a Bernheim Wheat (two of the three I haven't ticked - couldn't pull the trigger on the Corn Whiskey, though, given its lone review).
  36. Centennial

    Centennial Savant (450) Vermont Nov 9, 2009

    That is the only one of this years varients I tried so far, and I give the mellow corn a 3.85. It was balanced and not too boozy or too sweet. I would say it is much better then last years 4 roses and not as good as last years ec12 or rittenhouse rye.
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  37. Sesmu

    Sesmu Savant (335) Massachusetts Feb 28, 2007

    I am curious, can people actually tell with some level of certainty that the beer was aged in a bourbon barrel as opposed to a corn whiskey barrel? Call me a skeptic, but I suspect that 99% cannot :)
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  38. Sesmu

    Sesmu Savant (335) Massachusetts Feb 28, 2007

    And to be further skeptical, or even cynical :D, I suspect that the same 99% would not be able to tell the difference between the barrels of different bourbon brands :)
  39. pjl44

    pjl44 Initiate (0) Massachusetts Oct 3, 2008

    An interesting point, but this is probably the best way to find out, no? I've had a bunch of bourbon barrel stouts and, in most cases, don't know the brand used. I do know that I have liked some more than others and have generally attributed it to the quality of the base stout and/or the brewer's barrel aging proficiency. How many other opportunities do you have to really put your palate to the test with 2-6 options? I grabbed an Elijah Craig and Evan Williams, so we'll see.
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