$50 or so to spend in San Francisco

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    I have a buddy going there on Thursday and I want him to bring me back some California brews to cellar that we can't get in Minnesota. I only want to spend $50 or so (because I've already spent plenty this year) so I want to know what people recommend.

    I want something that I can put down for 2+ years so nothing wimpy and no coffee or chocolate stuff. I like RISs, dark Belgians, Baltic porters, and the like, but no barleywines please. The Bruery and Russian River are the only two candidates I have so far, but I don't know which beers.

    Since I'm on a budget, I'm cool with only getting one kind to store rather than an additional one to try (but I'm never opposed to more than one beer). I'd also like to get more than one kind of beer, so please don't just suggest a single $50 bottle.

    So what should I get?
  2. If you already have Bruery and RR on the list... stick with those two and you are safe. Firestone Walker is another good option. I don't know what Oregon options don't get distributed out your way.. especially being so close to Chi town.
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    Temptation ages gracefully, grab some of those if you can.
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    For OR beers, we get Deschuttes, Full Sail, and Rogue, but that's usually it. What specific beers would you recommend from the CA breweries you mentioned?
  5. The problem with Bruery is their brews aren't exactly cheap when you're on a budget. With 50 bucks you'd be able to buy maybe 2 bottle. RR BA sours being on smaller bottles you'd be able to buy almost 4 of them, one of each actually (if you can find them all), not bad.

    Just a tip: Make it 60 bucks as 50 will leave you a few bucks short of that fourth bottle. Or second, if you wanna go Bruery.
  6. Depends what Bruery bottles you are mentioning. There are a few around 10 bucks. You can get Misheif for like 8-9 bucks all over the place... but I do agree that pricing on the upper half will ruin his $50 budget.

    Do you guys get Firestone walker out there? Hangar 24 is a so cal brewery, Left Coast, Coronado brewing. those are some other options.
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    Ah the most dangerous game. Soon it be 70!
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    I'm not sure where you are in MN, but there are always a few Bruery options at Casanova's in Hudson, WI (30 minutes from the cities). I picked up an Oude Tart and Autumn Maple last fall. I'd sink my money into some RR sours or some Firestone Walker stuff.
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    Tell your buddy to go to City Beer. Should find RR sours, Bruery, possibly Cascade and some Belgian goods. City Beer is the shit.