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A beer named Sue

Discussion in 'South' started by DaveLikesAle, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. DaveLikesAle

    DaveLikesAle Savant (345) Ohio Jan 24, 2006

    The wifey is heading to Nashville next week and is willing to bring me back some Sue, as long as it isn't too far out of her way. She'll be at the Marriott on West End by Vandy. Where should she go?
  2. Midtown Wine and Spirits is a few minutes drive from Vandy area. Sue is now in bombers at $4.99 each

    New beer brewed in collaboration with Calfkiller called Beacon is hitting shelves this week too. Its made with bacon, might still be around when she's here!
  3. DaveLikesAle

    DaveLikesAle Savant (345) Ohio Jan 24, 2006

    Thanks. I've been there before but forgot the name and didn't realize how close it was.
  4. No bacon in Beacon. Oak-smoked, honey, coffee, Calfkiller's Belgian house yeast.
  5. Oh thats interesting, we were definitely told it was made with bacon at the Fix the Beer Tax event at Yazoo awhile ago; but just checked their blog and it doesn't say anything about being made with bacon. I do stand corrected...

    Do you know if Calfkiller did a different version that isn't the one going into the bottles that had bacon in it? Oh well, just curious about the misinformation; maybe I just overheard some uninformed dudes talking and saying their was bacon in it. And thus how rumors are born... my bad
  6. sommersb

    sommersb Advocate (600) Tennessee May 25, 2010

    Seems like all smoked beers have that bacon flavor...yum
  7. jbrana

    jbrana Aficionado (160) Tennessee Mar 7, 2012 Beer Trader

    I don't believe bacon was ever used, but it does get confusing considering it's called The Beacon, has a picture of a pig on the label, and is a smokey beer.
  8. Yeah, I actually talked to a lady tonight whose coworker told her the same thing that it was made with bacon... So there has definitely been some misinformation somewhere. I am not trying to argue that its made with bacon, cuz it definitely seems it isn't, but I'm not the only one who heard this... Kinda weird
  9. sommersb

    sommersb Advocate (600) Tennessee May 25, 2010

    It's easy for misinformation to spread. Since many people describe smoked beers as meaty/bacony I could see this being misinterpreted from someone saying it 'tastes' or 'smells' like bacon to it 'was brewed with' bacon
  10. As far as I know the only recipe changes made were adjustments for going from 7bbl to 40bbl. Apparently Frugal's sold through it pretty fast. Anyone seen it elsewhere?
  11. erter99

    erter99 Aficionado (150) Tennessee Apr 30, 2011 Beer Trader

    I bought 2 at Midtown yesterday, didn't appear to be a whole lot there in terms of inventory ...