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  1. pmoney

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    What does Armand & Tommy typically trade for? Would this go for something like Bramble or Fou?
  2. I think it takes more than a ff or bramble. 1.5 fou founes. :D
  3. pmoney

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    FTFY ;)
  4. ha thanks. But yeah A&T trades pretty high and I've always seen it trading higher than both FF and bramble.
  5. pmoney

    pmoney Advocate (665) Colorado Apr 15, 2011 Verified

    I talked to a buddy today who traded an A&T for LP Fram, Prop, and a couple BCBCS. I had no idea it traded that high.
  6. Oh wow yeah two years ago my beer shop had a whole shelf of them for 12 euros each and they sat there forever. Finally when I realized they were worth buying there was only one left. Regrets...
  7. Stevedore

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    I'd love to land an A&T as well, but I don't know I have what it takes to get it either. Did they come only in 375's or did they come in both formats?

    I think the lesson here is: whenever you are able, buy any Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze whenever you see it. Even the regular one. Such great beers.
  8. totoropanda

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    only 750ml
  9. It takes a lot mainly because it only hit Canada (and Australia/Europe but that brings overseas shipping/trading into it) and really only a few hundred bottles got into public hands (most went to bars that don't sell to-go), and most of that to people who don't trade and/or who already drank it (ie- spread pretty thinly to the general public) .

    Having said that, I may have access to one or maybe more (would need to double check if my group didn't drink it all already!) but it would take something like the above (ie- replace LP Fram with something other than Cantillon, so something like 2 x Prop and couple BCBCS say) to get me into setting up a trade.

    PS: If I had a crystal ball I'd say A&T is the next/new Millennium Geuze basically.

  10. Stevedore

    Stevedore Poobah (1,020) Wisconsin Nov 16, 2012

    Damn it. I'll never get to try this beer now.
  11. It requires more risk/work, but there is always the overseas trading route. It's too costly from Canada due to shipping, but from the U.S. side I think shipping overseas is actually a bit cheaper.
  12. DaveHack

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    I traded mine for Fuzzy + BN x2
  13. pmoney

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    Just curious what makes you say that. Is that based on taste or trade value/scarcity?
  14. All 3 of those pretty much. You never know how these things will go, however I do know the scarcity of A&T is definately there, plus it's really good which is also a bonus. :cool: (Unlike, say Intense Red which I liked but didn't love)
  15. drummermattie02

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    What was A&T bottle count? I'm too lazy to do much searching.
  16. It was in the low/mid 3000's. I believe that something like a little less than half went to Canada (split evenly between Alberta and Ontario). However, of the ~1500 bottles that made it to Canada the lions share got gobbled up by bars to be sold on-site. Maybe 500 bottles or so made it to the public, and that's split between two provinces (AB/ON). So, pretty scarce.

    Of the other 1500-1800 that didn't go to Canada, some went to Australia, and the rest stayed local I believe (or maybe went elsewhere?). In any case it boils down to you either need one of the 500 Canadian bottles, or you're trading overseas (where there was only 1500-1800 bottles avaiable as well).
  17. What would it take if one were to start with a DB Huna?
  18. 4DAloveofSTOUT

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    I thought that A&T is a 750 format only. I have been wanting to trading for a bottle this summer as well.

    Yes always buy Drie Fonteinen when on shelf!!! :):)
  19. DanH11

    DanH11 Aficionado (180) Illinois Feb 26, 2012

    The bottle count is higher than 3000, but don't know how many. I think it was 3000 bottles distributed with half to both Canada and Australia in 2013. It has previously been sold at the Sour & Bitter in May 2012 in Copenhagen. DRK125 (~$25) with no limit.
  20. I'm pretty sure its between 3300-3400 bottles for distributed (remember reading it on ratebeer during all the S&B threads), but couldn't find a reference so played it safe with "low/mid 3000". I'm not sure how many got opened during S&B but those are moot now...:cool:
  21. DanH11

    DanH11 Aficionado (180) Illinois Feb 26, 2012

    Referring more to the cases sold to go ;)
  22. BeboThoughts

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    There's a few of us in Ontario that have some still but a lot of my friends drank it up not knowing the value.
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  23. True, but most stayed overseas I assume?
  24. HighLowJack

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    when it comes to these rare lambics, I'm surprised more people aren't willing to ship overseas. yeah it's more costly but when you consider the opportunity cost of not having to trade quite so many of your valuable bottles, it makes sense.
  25. mrkdwrds

    mrkdwrds Savant (335) California Dec 2, 2010

  26. MrKennedy

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    It hit Australia in 2012.
  27. I grabbed this shelf turd in Copenhagen in 2012 and traded for one there as well.
  28. facesnorth

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    Tell us again, why does Canada get so much of these types of releases? Entirely half of the bottles produced went to Canada? And why Ontario/Alberta and not Quebec, which I actually visit once in a while?
  29. I'm not really sure, however I know one thing - it's started to dry up. That is, this was the first year that the Cantillon we got this spring in Alberta was one case per store, sold 1 bottle per customer, and sold out in a day. So, it's starting to sadly look much like the U.S. side now for hard-to-get lambic. I'm hearing the same stories in QC and BC when it comes to Cantillon too...
  30. Stevedore

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    Probably 'cause it's all getting stolen from the brewery even before it gets onto a container ship.
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  31. I recently traded a bottle for a CFH '14. I have a couple more bottles, but I think I'll hold on to them as the value is going nowhere but up. I still wish I had bought more when it hit Ontario but by the time I realized what it was, it was long gone.
  32. prdstmnky

    prdstmnky Savant (430) Vermont Jan 8, 2010

    Is it really that Canada gets more, or its just spread much more thin in the US? I cant imagine they are getting a bunch of Loons in the Yukon.
  33. gator79

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    How does A&T compare to Hommage since the recent release. I'm guessing about even? Any input?
  34. mrkdwrds

    mrkdwrds Savant (335) California Dec 2, 2010

    Having traded for both Hommage was easier to get. Trades mainly consisted of De Garde multiples. Specifically, Hommage was for Imperial Hop Bu + Brun Marron + Feral One, and A&T was for Brun Marron, Saison Desay Blends 1-3, BBPt5, and Black Note.
  35. hooliganlife

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    A&T is painfully good. as bottles are drank and numbers dwindle, no way this will not become more rare.