ABInbev buys out Grupo Modelo

Discussion in 'Beer News' started by LiquidTable, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. But will simply selling Modelo's half of US-Corona importer Crown to Constellation Brands satisfy US DoJ's Anti-Trust regulations?

    When InBev bought A-B, they had to not only sell the US distribution rights of the Labatt brand (bought by NAB) but also agreed to eventually stop shipping AB-InBev-brewed Labatt to the US. (Molson currently brews the Canadian-brewed Labatt labels sold in the US. NAB brews some other Labatt branded beers at their Genesee brewery).

    Labatt had less than 1% of the US market at the time- Corona and the other Modelo brands have around 5%.
  2. Drewskis

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    Pretty sure this will cause training at work to handle the new employees under InBev.
  3. dedrinker

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    They might as well.

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