About to tap my first keg.

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  1. I wanted to ask if my setup sounds right. I have a keg of Drakes Denogginizer IIPA. The temp as measured by thermometer in a glass of water reads about 38 degrees. I was planning on setting the Co2 to 10 psi. The beer line is 5 feet. Does this sound right? I also have a 7 foot beer line, so please let me know if I should use that or make any other changes.

  2. Well, 5 ft. is the minimum, but the 7 foot line is likely the better choice. A little longer line usually helps control flow a bit better, in my experience. There are plenty of serious kegerator guys who say to get more serious on your psi and temp. calibration but I usually go with about 10psi and 38 degrees (which I just measure with a thermometer in my kegerator) and have had no problems. You sound good to go to me. Enjoy!
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  3. Thanks for the advise. I went with the 7 foot line. The first pour was pretty foamy, but I'm sure it will even out.
    I'll post pics of the build if anyone's interested.
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    Well done Josh. Now, fill me a 1L growler. Yeah buddy!!!
    Hope the baby is well!

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  5. You don't get Drakes down there?! Just put in my order for a keg of Hopocalypse! I really want to see how well I can fill a growler if I can get some sort of tube for bottom filling. I know some people who would appreciate some Moonlight.
  6. growler fill, just fill it most of the way off the tap, until the foam reaches the top, and then let it settle for awhile and top off with a pitcher (slow pour rate). Works for me. I watch them fill growlers with the tubes and they still seem to have a lot of foam pour out it seems to me...
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    Don't be so sure.... you have no idea if you have the proper co2 setting for this beer at this temperature.
  8. It evened out once the beer lines reached the keezer temp (hooked them up right before tapping). However, I did notice lower carbonation later in day and saw that it went down to 8. I kicked it up to 11 and it's remained there ever since.

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