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Abrasive is close!

Discussion in 'US - Midwest' started by mnbuffalo, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. MNPikey

    MNPikey Advocate (575) Minnesota Feb 27, 2011

    No, should be something between 2/2-2/9.
  2. I would assume so. From Todd on Twitter:

    Last run coming up next week, then BLAKKR RT @CVickberg: How much longer will delicious Abrasive be brewed this year? March? @surlybrewer

    https://twitter.com/surlybrewer on February 2.
  3. Sorry, misread your post. There should be one more canning date, as MNPikey accurately stated. ;)
  4. cachri1

    cachri1 Aficionado (100) Minnesota May 11, 2008

    Good to hear!

  5. Icarus

    Icarus Savant (260) Minnesota Oct 6, 2012

    I'm always sad to see this one done until fall again.
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  6. MNPikey

    MNPikey Advocate (575) Minnesota Feb 27, 2011

    Checked a few stores today and they all seemed to have ALOT of Abrasive dated 12/26/13. Distributors unloading old stuff?
  7. alexsergio

    alexsergio Savant (385) New York Mar 7, 2011

    Still have 1 left from the 36 I bought online. Every year I feel sad when I crack the last one so I leave it in the fridge as long as I can. :(. See you next year, abrasive.
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  8. yasky

    yasky Savant (320) New York Dec 21, 2008

    My brother was in mn earlier this week. A lot dated early to mid January still on the shelves.
  9. doner24

    doner24 Aficionado (220) Minnesota Apr 16, 2013

    I went to 4 stores in the Maple Grove area tonight and everything was still from December. Anybody have anything newer out there? I'm trying to help a buddy in a trade and would like something a bit fresher. Thanks
  10. PieOhMy

    PieOhMy Advocate (515) Minnesota Feb 23, 2013

    Quit promising shit if you are not 100% sure you can deliver.
  11. doner24

    doner24 Aficionado (220) Minnesota Apr 16, 2013

    Seriously, did you read the post? I promised that I can get him Abrasive (which I can 100% deliver), but would like to get him the freshest possible as he is passing it along to someone that has never had anything from Surly.

    Thanks for your helpful reply though...ass.
  12. Hey I think I saw some 1/13 abrasive at liquor barrel which I believe was in SLP? Or near it.
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  13. maximum12

    maximum12 Champion (825) Minnesota Jan 21, 2008

    1/13/14 at the Four Firkins as well, that's the freshest I've seen. Miss Surly self-distributing.
  14. 1/13 is the freshest ive seen its all around in SW Minneapolis stores Abrasive is one of the best 2IPA'S at holding its bouquet (hops)
  15. doner24

    doner24 Aficionado (220) Minnesota Apr 16, 2013

    I agree, I've had 8 month old Abrasive and it was still fantastic. As I mentioned above, I am helping out an out of state buddy in a BIF and he wants as fresh as possible. I grabbed some of the 1/13 today at FF thanks to the poster above.
  16. Seefeldt

    Seefeldt Savant (365) Minnesota May 15, 2008

    Freshest in Rochester is 12/19! Still awesome though. Anyone ever seen abrasive on nitro?
  17. McRyan

    McRyan Savant (255) Minnesota Jul 25, 2012

    I was just there last night and the ones on top of were 12/19.
  18. The ones in that walk in cooler? Sorry I'm from out if town and hit up half a dozen stores so it could have been a different place but I really thought it was there.
  19. McRyan

    McRyan Savant (255) Minnesota Jul 25, 2012

    Yeah, i only checked in the walk in. I should of checked more than one, shoot.
  20. morimech

    morimech Advocate (740) Minnesota Nov 6, 2006

    I wonder about the supply and demand of this beer. After the initial onslaught... Maybe Surly should not date Abrasive canso_O.
  21. MCImes

    MCImes Savant (370) Connecticut Dec 31, 2010

    I think demand is fine, they just started using a distributor this year and we went from finding 3 day old surly to finding 3 week old surly at best. It sucks.
  22. I'm sure a lot of places have the newer stock.
    But it's like an Easter egg hunt, as most stores keep the fresher beer in back.

    I've been pretty lucky by just politely asking at the counter.
    I know this tactic is confusing or too much effort to some (as well as spending a few moments placing a call).
    Bottom line is if they want your business, they'll happily accommodate your request.

    I've found that Zipps usually has the freshest Surly.
    Too bad I don't get that way very often.

    Truth is, I only care about dates on Abrasive if it's for a trade.
    Had a 12/10 the other day.
    It was just as kickass as the 1/7 I followed it up with.

    I'm actually sending some 1/7 right now, and feel fine about it.
    I'm sure he will be too.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2014
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  23. Stevedore

    Stevedore Poobah (1,020) Wisconsin Nov 16, 2012

    I have a 11/27 and two 12/26's sitting in the fridge and don't feel bad about it. I know it'll be just as good as it was when I picked them up.
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  24. Seefeldt

    Seefeldt Savant (365) Minnesota May 15, 2008

    Totally agree. To make a long story short, I asked last night at not my regular store if they had any fresher Abrasive and I walked out the door not only with some (slightly) fresher Abrasive, but also a 2012 Abyss, 2013 BCBCS, and 2013 BCBBW. So yeah, don't be afraid to ask politely for stuff!
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  25. This beers holds up so well it is ridiculous, had a 11/15 and a 12/19 the other night and they tasted identical... Do not have anything fresher to compare it to, but as far as my memory goes they did not drop off at all really.
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  26. JMN44

    JMN44 Aficionado (165) Minnesota Sep 19, 2013

    I completely agree about the canning dates not affecting the great taste of Abrasive. I shake my head each time someone posts looking for the freshest Abrasive for trading. People shouldn't worry so much about trying to impress people they will never meet.
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  27. You obviously don't get trading.
    We're not trying to impress, just building solid trading relationships.
    While we know about the shelf life of Abrasive, the guy who's constantly hooking me up with great beers from Cigar City, Russian River, Lawson's or Hill Farmstead always appreciates the freshest beer - especially IPA.

    If you can't understand that....oh well.
  28. Stevedore

    Stevedore Poobah (1,020) Wisconsin Nov 16, 2012

    Agreed. Not everyone you trade Abrasive to has that experience of being able to compare 3-month old with 1-week old and realizing that there isn't much of a dropoff and would probably take it the wrong way if you send him the 3-month old. Why not play it safe and send the freshest so he can figure out what to do with it himself?

    That being said... why trade it? Drink dat shit man! ;)
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  29. MNPikey

    MNPikey Advocate (575) Minnesota Feb 27, 2011

    Abrasive landed in Chicago today.
  30. McRyan

    McRyan Savant (255) Minnesota Jul 25, 2012

  31. Ri0

    Ri0 Poobah (1,050) Wisconsin Jul 1, 2012

    Exactly. Abrasive holds up well and still tastes great 2-3 months later. All that goodness is trapped in a can with no where to go until you crack it open.
  32. Man, that 11/27 batch was my favorite of all of them this year. There was just something special about it. Enjoy the crap out of that one, and then smile while drinking the 12/26's.
  33. BottleCaps80

    BottleCaps80 Advocate (675) Iowa Jan 12, 2013

    I thought the 11/27 batch seemed to be a bit more boozy/hot, compared to the 12/26 and 1/13 batches I've had more recently.
  34. Found some 1/13 at the downtown whole foods,probably the freshest in the twin cities(not that it matters much).
    Gonna be a sad day when it's gone for the year.
  35. Seefeldt

    Seefeldt Savant (365) Minnesota May 15, 2008

    Rochestites: Northwest Liquor has Abrasive on sale for $13.98
    Also, Founders Breakfast Stout for $7.99 and some Green Flash bombers on sale as well.
  36. herman77

    herman77 Advocate (545) Minnesota Jan 24, 2010

    Picked some up an hour ago at Firkins. 1/29.
  37. Ri0

    Ri0 Poobah (1,050) Wisconsin Jul 1, 2012

    Had a friend get me a 4 pk for around $12 during a 35% off sale. Would get more, but I have Nugget Nectar, Zombie Dust, Sue, and DirtWolf in the fridge.
  38. runfoodrun

    runfoodrun Savant (325) Minnesota Jun 18, 2008

    Dirt wolf!!!
  39. Awesome.2/2 canned is my hoarding date
  40. MNPikey

    MNPikey Advocate (575) Minnesota Feb 27, 2011

    Abrasive sightings from last Jan /early Feb?