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Adding Carafa II dehusked after decoction/before sparge for color

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by herrburgess, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. I'm trying to brew something of a hybrid between a Czech Cerne Pivo (like U Fleku) and a Franconian Dunkel (like Kathibrau). Anyhow, I am planning on using the Bohemian floor-malted dark malt (around 8L apparently), perhaps some Carabohemian (64-83L), and some Carafa II dehusked (primarily for color -- I do not want any of that cheap roastiness that characterizes/overwhelms most U.S. takes on the style).

    I'm planning on doing a single decoction, but my recipe calculator can't account for that. Right now the SRM is coming in at about 30 or so, which is lower than my target of 40-42. I read in a description of a brew day at U Fleku that they add half of the Carafa to the mash, and then add the other half after the second decoction/just before sparging. The description says that a distinct darkening of the wort resulted.

    So my question is: should I try and replicate this process to get a darker brew without the added roastiness? Is there a better method? Would a mix of Carafa II and Carafa Special dehusked get me closer? Any tips or tricks?
  2. OK...I'm going to plan to do this. Will report back my findings (if anyone's interested ;) )
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  3. scurvy311

    scurvy311 Savant (415) Louisiana Dec 3, 2005

    Replicate the process. The late addition will be fine and it will add less roastiness than the early addition, not that dehusked carafa adds much roastiness in the first place.
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  4. I believe tasty does a procedure like this for any beers he wants little roast/astringent flavor. Adds in his roasted grains at the very end and recirculates till he hits the color that he wants.
  5. Have you read what Gordon Strong has about cold steeping/using roast malts in Brewing Better Beer? The procedure you listed fits.

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