Adelbert's Brewery Labels Change

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by grs8313, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. grs8313

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    My wife is in Texas and is bringing me back some beer. She picked up a bottle of Adelbert's Brewery's Scratchin' Hippo. The bottle has the old label though, before the Adelbert logo was added. From my research it looks like the bottle is going to be at least a year old. I wanted to check in to see if this was correct and to check if anyone has had an older bottle recently?

  2. bccocx

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    You are correct. It may be a batch from late 2012. I started seeing the new labels about a month ago. I think it would be safe to go ahead and drink it. I've had plenty of older Adelberts beers and they hold up pretty well with time.
  3. Heretic42

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    There should be a bottling date and batch number. I'm not sure if they've always had them, but judging by the reviews on BA, they go back until at least late 2011.
  4. grs8313

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    bccocx and Heretic42, thanks so much for the info. I am looking forward to giving the beer a try.