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Aged Avery Maharaja

Discussion in 'Cellaring / Aging Beer' started by RichD, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. RichD

    RichD Poobah (1,020) Rhode Island Mar 18, 2012 Beer Trader

    So I was patrolling my local liquor store today and happened to stumble upon some Avery Maharaja (like 4-5 bottles.) The issue with these bottles are that they were bottles from 2008. Has anyone ever had this brew aged, and if so was it worth it? I didn't buy any because I wasn't really sure how they would hold up.
  2. lsummers

    lsummers Advocate (535) California Jun 21, 2010

    One of my favorites
  3. YogiBeer

    YogiBeer Savant (485) Illinois May 10, 2012

    You probably dont know how they were stored, right? I wouldnt pull the trigger on.. any of them, since theyre SO old... but hey, screw it? Try one and report back... it's your duty.
  4. TheBrewViking

    TheBrewViking Savant (370) Alaska Dec 13, 2010 Beer Trader

    I made this mistake a couple years ago. It was right around the time of the release and I saw some bottles at a shop I didnt frequent very often. Turns out they were 2008 or 2009 I can't remember but I drank it anyway and....no I would not recommend it.
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  5. I've had Maharaja that I purposely aged around 2 years. I thought that it tasted like a really hoppy barleywine. I would buy one, and see if you like it.
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  6. FosterJM

    FosterJM Champion (890) California Nov 16, 2009 Beer Trader

    Depends on the cost?
    Is it worth it to YOU?

  7. sukwonee

    sukwonee Advocate (665) Washington Dec 13, 2011 Beer Trader

    I have a bottle being aged right now. It's been about a year. I am planning to lay it down for another couple more years to see how it turns out.
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  8. Catchy_Name

    Catchy_Name Advocate (520) California Dec 21, 2011 Beer Trader

    As beerman said, at this stage of the game, it probably drinks like a real hoppy American Barleywine. Which in and of itself is usually worth the purchase. Cheers!
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  9. yamar68

    yamar68 Champion (910) Minnesota Apr 1, 2011

    Maharaja is an IPA.

    I hope that helps.
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  10. Just bought 2 bottles at the taproom in boulder last week.
  11. RichD

    RichD Poobah (1,020) Rhode Island Mar 18, 2012 Beer Trader

    Well, I know that it's an IPA, but I wasn't sure if there was a specific reason why there were 4-5 5 year old bottles just sitting on a shelf in a liquor store. Other than the fact that the liquor store is extremely small, I just don't think there would be a reason (unless these beers can be aged) why they're still on the shelf. I've heard about how quickly these usually sell and I just don't want to pull the trigger on these knowing that it's supposed to be an IPA. The only thing that may lead to me buying it, is if I want to do a side by side of the 2008 and this years bottle.
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  12. jtmartino

    jtmartino Advocate (535) California Dec 11, 2010 Beer Trader

    Maharaja doesn't age well. The spicy/grassy character of the hops don't fade like the other aromatics, and you're left with a mild version of an American barleywine that tastes like it has vegetables in it.

    Unless it's very cheap, or you are really curious, I'd avoid. FWIW I had a bottle from 2009 or 2010 last fall and it didn't taste very good.
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  13. RichD

    RichD Poobah (1,020) Rhode Island Mar 18, 2012 Beer Trader

    5 bucks a bomber isn't cheap enough for me to pull the trigger on this one. I'll find a new bottle and try one of those.

    Thanks everyone, Cheers!
  14. vthippie

    vthippie Aficionado (210) Vermont Dec 18, 2012

    If you draw the retailers attention to the age perhaps they will cut you a break on this price, in which case it may be a worthwhile gamble.
  15. burgundysmoke

    burgundysmoke Aficionado (165) California Sep 11, 2012 Beer Trader

    I dont remember the specifics, but last february I found of Maharaja mixed into my cellar that was 2-3 years old. It was drinkable but not good. I'm not sure a beer with that amount of hops can go bad, but i wouldn't drink one over a year old again
  16. milo_leon

    milo_leon Aficionado (110) New York Aug 25, 2012

    I did a 2008/2012 tasting of Maharaja. 2008 was definitely one of the more interesting brews I tasted. After a few sips, I got tired of the 2008 and preferred it fresh.
  17. I have toyed around with aging ImpIPA's and DIPAs and I actually find them quite pleasant, it is like the difference between young and old Chablis, the structure comes forward revealing all the pleasant malt characteristics that are hidden by the outrageous amount of hops. Instead of all the crazy fresh fruit or pine/weed notes you get rich warm tones, and as the hops break down they leave wonderfully underscored spiciness and hints of dead pine needles or dried pine cones. I found the few I have tried (Maharaja, Devil Dancer, the Oracle) to be actually very nice especially since I usually have popped them open in winter making them very unique winter warmers. I say go for it as a beer stability has more to do with its alcohol and storage than anything else, if anything the hops stabilized its descent (after all that is why the English invented the damn style anyways) into malty goodness.
  18. Hanzo

    Hanzo Champion (975) Virginia Feb 27, 2012

    If they are really that old I'd casually bring it up with the worker there and see if I could score a decent discount. If not I'd pass.
  19. SeanS

    SeanS Aficionado (160) New York Feb 13, 2013 Beer Trader

    I really never got to drink the 2012 fresh so will be anxious to try the bottle I have in my fridge vs. 2013.
  20. M1A2

    M1A2 Advocate (525) Ohio Jan 15, 2012 Beer Trader

    I bought an old bottle once and it was awful but that's just my opinion.....
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  21. olfolxholme

    olfolxholme Savant (285) California Feb 13, 2011

    I searched for this thread because I opened a two year old bottle of Maharaja last night and thought it was incredible.

    The bottle was well stored the entire time. It actually came in a bottle club with the advice that it is very interesting to try aged. At that point, it was about a year old and I've kept it in cool/cold storage for about another year, until last night when I finally cracked it open...

    Oh man it was like a great barleywine with tons of bitterness still lingering. The malt base for that beer is incredible. I loved it.

    To answer the OP... I think it's worth trying one of those bottles, depending on the cost. After the great experience I had with the 2011 bottle, I know I would give a 2008 a chance. Hopefully they are still available, since you started this thread back in February!
  22. Kevlee722

    Kevlee722 Savant (275) Washington Apr 6, 2011

    I recently drank a 2013 and I think its quite good. A hopped up American barley wine. This beer has a big malt backbone so it stands up to time. That being said, this is such an awesome DIPA fresh with so much hop character that I prefer it fresh. I just bought like 6 bottles last year I ended up with a stragglers. Not sure I would want to drink it with any more age on it.
  23. tx_beer_man

    tx_beer_man Savant (380) Texas Jan 22, 2013 Beer Trader

    I've had a year old Maharaja before kept cold for the full year. Waste of cellar space IMO.
  24. rynegne

    rynegne Savant (435) Illinois Sep 10, 2014 Beer Trader

    I just bought a bottle of Maharaja on Tuesday...didn't read the bottling date which was a huge mistake. Turns out the bottle was nearly a year old and absolutely disgusting. I would not suggest purchasing older bottles of this stuff. The beer was completely stripped of all hop characteristics, malt tuned up to intolerable levels and denatured alcohol finish. Needless to say I'm a little pissed I wasted $9 unknowingly on an older bottle of this crap. Glad I stumbled upon this thread...if anyone stumbles upon this...don't purchase older bottles unless you love malt and denatured alcohol.