aging abyss '12

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  1. The bottle has a "best after" date that is in November, but I've heard some say that this beer is ready to drink while still relatively fresh. Any thoughts?
  2. I personally tend to like Abyss with a little time on it. I always try to get two bottles per year, one to try fresh and one to age.
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  3. blackcloud

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    I had my '11 in August '12, and it was wonderful. and, I had a growler of '12 just last month, and it was incredible. It's good fresh, it's good aged. drink it whenever you feel like it!
  4. I 2nd this. Had my 11 in April of 2012 and it was fantastic. Having it in the mountains in front of a firepit made it awesome.
  5. I'm being more careful with this one than I normally would, since Deschutes doesn't distribute by me and I'm not sure when I will get a chance at another bottle. We will see how long my patience lasts. Cheers!
  6. I traded for 2 this year, and just opened my first one last weekend. I can tell it's a great beer, but it's pretty hot right now. If I only had one I'd wait a few months at least.
  7. If you only have one bottle, drink it now.
  8. grumpy

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    IMO, this is the least ready to drink of any year I've had ('06 - '12).
  9. sukwonee

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    I bought 8 bottles this year and consumed one bottle so far. I seriously thought (when I purchased 8) I would drink more fresh bottles over the winter, but I ended not doing that. The reason is I didn't really enjoy the fresh bottle. I previously had Abyss before, but only aged bottles, which were out of this world. Fresh batch was good, but it wasn't anywhere near the vintage bottles, including 2011 bottle consumed during Fall of 2012. Fresh 2012 is a tad bit too hot and hoppy.
  10. Let this one go a bit. Drank a bottle of '12 a few weeks ago and agree, not yet what it could be...
  11. raczkowski

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    I am getting two bottles this week and was glnna lost this. I have plenty if stouts I can drink so ill probably hang into these two for a bit. Especially now its getting hot down here and ill transition into summer style beers.
  12. How about '11? Picked up a couple bottles recently but haven't cracked one
  13. 2011 is doing quite well right now.
  14. Last fall we cracked open a 2007 and it was awesome. It held up really well. You have time if you decide to open it or save it. I agree with above posting regarding getting at least two. Crack it open just after you bought it or wait the 11 months the bottles says and hold the other bottle for a couple of years.
  15. Just did a 2010-12 vertical. 10 with 2yrs on it was pretty amazing, but it could have kept going another few years easily. 2012 tasted decent fresh. 2011 was the hottest of the bunch but still great. Buy one (or more) age one.