Airlock filled with beer

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  1. beerbully

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    Any suggestions while this batch ferments over and spills over the bucket... What should be my concerns?
  2. None. You may want to crack open the lid for a few hours to release some pressure so the airlock doesn't blow off and make a mess of your room. Then reseal, refill the airlock, and you should be good to go.
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  4. ⬆ Blowoff tube. [​IMG]
  5. namyarb3

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    I use a blowoff hose on all of my beers. I only have 5g carboys, so 5g of 1.080+ wort can make a mess. A little peace of mind for me.
  6. beer272

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    I recently had filled a bucket with only about 3" clearance as I had 14# of LME in this 5+ gallon batch. I awoke to a airlock infused with krausen totally. So then went to just covering the hole with aluminum foil. It was simply a mountain coming out. Finally went to a blow of tube. I opened the lid 3 times, twice I took out a lot of krausen. That only delayed the mountain. I had the krausen going right through the airlock, blow off tubing in real time right into the blow off container. I cleaned/rinsed the lid about 3 times early on, then the airlock, tubing 3 times as well. The beast is now subdued on a simple 3 piece air lock again. My mistake, not leaving enough head room.