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Airlock sucking water back into my beer?

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by Pnell316, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. WTF? The water from my airlock is getting sucked back into m beer. I've got a blueberry sour going and though it had maybe evaporated but just filled yesterday and now its half gone. I looked at it closer and saw water dripping back into my beer. WTF?
  2. VikeMan

    VikeMan Poobah (1,030) Pennsylvania Jul 12, 2009 Beer Trader

    It can happen, due to changes is pressure. But are you sure you saw water from the airlock dripping and not just condensation?
  3. Positive, it's was pretty steady, a drop every 30 seconds and I saw it coming from the very top of the interior piece of the airlock. That and the fact I filled just yesterday and its gone. It's also sitting next to 2 other sours that don't have this issue. I took out the airlock and put back to hopefully relieve the negative pressure.
  4. dap325

    dap325 Aficionado (200) New York Apr 2, 2009

    If you're not using vodka in the airlock, make sure its sanitized water... I would hate to see a batch of beer go to waste due to funky tap water.
  5. I use a starsan mixture.
  6. Sixam2

    Sixam2 Aficionado (110) Washington Feb 19, 2013

    sorry about airlock issue... its happened to me before, and i realized i had a crack in mine..lol
    but thats not why i'm commenting.. blueberry sour ? I'd love that recipe !!!
  7. Yeah she's sitting next to my cloudberry sour. The receipt is easy 60/40 malt/wheat mix, your standard lambic grain build. Now the hard part the yeast. I started out with a basic wit beer, I then blended it with 20% 2 year old girardins lambic. After about 3 months I stepped up the dregs from the blend and pitched in my lambic.
  8. Sixam2

    Sixam2 Aficionado (110) Washington Feb 19, 2013

    Thank you ! I forgot I have this app ibrewmaster that has 100's of recipes.. Yours is very close to the one I just found on the app.. Must be good.. I'll give it a whirl..
  9. I have a feeling its about 90% the yeast I used that is gonna make or break this one. The yeast was very sorry even at 1 month in and tasted great at fruit addition.
  10. beer272

    beer272 Aficionado (230) New Jersey Sep 23, 2009

    yes I have two 3 piece airlocks sucking H2O. One on a wine secondary, the other on a primary. Guess it's the pressure changes, funny the others are not.
  11. Patrick

    Patrick Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 13, 2007

    My 3 piece airlocks do this when the beer cools down, but my 1 piece airlocks don't have this problem.
  12. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Champion (800) Colorado Jan 20, 2012 Beer Trader

    I've never had this happen with my three piece locks. Do you guys fill them to the line and then put the "hat" piece in? Or do you put that piece in and then fill?
  13. beer272

    beer272 Aficionado (230) New Jersey Sep 23, 2009

    I put the "hat" and fill minimum halfway to ~ 80% full sometimes with the 3 piece airlocks. I have two S airlocks on order and probably will get more airlocks.
  14. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Champion (800) Colorado Jan 20, 2012 Beer Trader

    I put the hat in and fill it with starsan to the line. Never hd one suck water. But I would expect all of your to do it then, not. Just the two. Odd.