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  1. monty2000

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    Pls forgive me if posting in the wrong forum, but I need advice regarding drinking order for following from Alesmith. I am having some friends over on Friday for a tasting.

    Wee Heavy
    Old numbskull
    Horny Devil
    Grand Cru
    Speedway Stout.

  2. smakawhat

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    It all depends on what you want to achieve, Of those the only one I haven't had is the Grand Cru, but I'd go:

    1. Horny Devil
    2. Grand Cru
    3. Wee Heavy
    4. Numbskull
    5. Speedway
    3, 4, 5 are pretty interchangeable depending on what you want, but I went malts, hop juice depth, and then coffee dessert for the finish.

  3. monty2000

    monty2000 Zealot (95) Norway Dec 17, 2008

    Thanks. Will try this way.