Allagash Limited Releases?

Discussion in 'New England' started by Mbrown44, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Mbrown44

    Mbrown44 Savant (290) Delaware Dec 7, 2011 Verified

    Does anyone know if Resurgam or any other limited release beers are for sale at the brewery? Thanks in advance.


  2. chuckycheese

    chuckycheese Aficionado (180) Maine Feb 18, 2010

    Resurgam+FV13 currently for sale
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  3. Mbrown44

    Mbrown44 Savant (290) Delaware Dec 7, 2011 Verified

    Will they last until Saturday?
  4. Brez07

    Brez07 Initiate (0) Maine Sep 29, 2009

    Probably. Resurgum seemed low last week, but they should have a ton of FV13. Just call Friday or before you leave Saturday and they'll tell you what/how much is left
  5. Saw this on Twitter today...
  6. beerinmaine

    beerinmaine Aficionado (225) Maine Jun 20, 2009

    There is tons and tons of FV13 at the brewery, and the distro'ed product is hitting ME stores this week.
  7. BierCellar

    BierCellar Aficionado (130) Maine Apr 5, 2012

    FV13 will hit stores on Friday
  8. There were 1000 bottles of FV13 for sale at the brewery and 9000 going out for distribution from what I heard when I was up there last Thursday. Grabbed 3 resurgams and 2 FV's.
  9. duchessedubourg

    duchessedubourg Advocate (510) Vermont Nov 2, 2007 Verified

    Forget the Twitter re: Coolship Bourbon-aged One - people went running in there after the tweet only to find out it is not even released, and will likely be a fest or "inside" beer like Mattina Rossa.
  10. beerinmaine

    beerinmaine Aficionado (225) Maine Jun 20, 2009

    Intentionally, this time :)

    Experience says tweets/facebooks/instagrams about releases are clearly state that the product is in the store today....not just a label pic.
  11. Anyone seen FV13 today outside of Maine?
  12. beerinmaine

    beerinmaine Aficionado (225) Maine Jun 20, 2009

    As posted previously, it just hit stores in Portland, Maine, a few miles from the brewery, today.

    I'd be very surprised if the magical beer truck reached distant places before the nearby ones.
  13. Pearl St. Beverage in Burlington, VT just got it according to their fb page.
  14. franklinn

    franklinn Savant (440) Vermont May 29, 2012

    yeah, it's in VT
  15. [insert obligatory VT envy here] Luckily I get to visit once a month or so...
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  16. Arenbeer

    Arenbeer Savant (285) Connecticut Apr 23, 2009

    Anyone seen this in CT yet?!
  17. Any word on when this will make its way down to MA?
  18. People I spoke w at stores in MA said first week of March - I was hoping this week, but haven't seen/heard of any FV13 in MA yet
  19. On tap at farmhouse in Burlington tonight as well.
  20. Just seeing if anyone's seen it in MA? Wonder if they're waiting till after its tapped at Publick House before releasing bottles from distro to retail? I've heard several different stories from several different people... I'm cornfused!
  21. It was on tap at Meadhall at the Christmas even, but no sign of it anywhere in bottles or on tap since.

    Also, is that David O. Russell in your avatar or do you just bear a striking resemblance?
  22. Crazy....

    Ha! That's me allright. Had to Google who D.O.R was. I wish I was a famous director, well, maybe.
  23. Was on tap at Vee Vee a month ago - very tasty.

    Saw it in Maine two weeks ago but I held off buying it since I figured it'd hit MA the same weekend. Weird.
  24. Sonofalime

    Sonofalime Savant (475) Virginia Oct 11, 2010 Verified

    How is FV 13, Resurgam, and Borubon Barrel One? Down here in VA we only get the shelf stuff. Would love to see it down this way but that would never happen. So, anyone from Maine looking for a trading partner in Va. Or just looking to unload some Coolships? I'd definitely go over $4$ to get some. You guys are very lucky!
  25. I asked. I'm hoping to hit Publick House tmw (Friday) night. I want to try the golden/midnight brett's too!

    1. @AllagashBrewing 3wks and FV13 bottles are no where to be found in MA! Are they still w you guys in ME? Held up at distributor?

    [​IMG]Allagash Brewing Co@AllagashBrewing
    @jraras Just arrived in MA and should be shipping out next week to retailers. Will have a list tomorrow. Where are you at?"
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  26. beerinmaine

    beerinmaine Aficionado (225) Maine Jun 20, 2009

    The first two are great. Nobody's had Bourbon Barrel One yet. You will get FV13 in VA, it's going to the full distribution.

    A lot of us do trade (myself included) and I've been swapping Coolships for Hardywood Park and others, but I'm all tapped out on trading $$ for the moment.
  27. Sonofalime

    Sonofalime Savant (475) Virginia Oct 11, 2010 Verified

    Sounds awesome. Yea it may come down this way but it may be a stretch to get, but I'll keep an eye out. I'm able to get Willaimsburg Alewerks pretty regular but not so much the Hardywood. Plan to get there sooner or later. Well keep me in mind if y'all are ever looking. Thanks for the info too?
  28. Out of FV13 at the brewery. Less than a case of Resurgam left (limit 4).
    Had an awesome sample of Odyssey (seasonal, just bottled.)
  29. Cenosillicaphobe

    Cenosillicaphobe Savant (360) Maine Jul 24, 2011

    Yikes...I was really hoping to grab an FV13 and a Resurgam on laid plans...etc...
  30. AJ01923

    AJ01923 Advocate (605) Massachusetts Jan 1, 2013 Verified

    Anyone know about Prince Tuesday being released?
  31. I want some FV13!! Hoping to see it in Ct soon.
  32. Wasn't it a one time collaboration?
  33. i thought that it already hit CT? could be wrong.
  34. BibsBrewing

    BibsBrewing Aficionado (235) Connecticut Dec 18, 2012 Verified

    FV13 came to CT a couple weeks ago in small supply.
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  35. This is the second year that they have collaborated on Prince Tuesday.
  36. hiphopipa

    hiphopipa Aficionado (210) Maine Jul 19, 2008

    This Friday I believe. Looking forward to it. This year Simcoe, Cascade and Centennial hops were used, last year was Amarillo, Centennial and Magnum.
  37. Was that beer good? I don't remember liking it that much and it was really expensive. I only had one glass though maybe my taste buds were off that day or something.
  38. Cenosillicaphobe

    Cenosillicaphobe Savant (360) Maine Jul 24, 2011

    I never tried it...I just saw the price and walked away...shaking my head in disbelief...muttering obscenities under my breath.
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  39. beerinmaine

    beerinmaine Aficionado (225) Maine Jun 20, 2009

    Yes, this. It was decent but nothing that stood out to me, and expensive compared to other equal or better beers.

    (and I'm not normally one who complains about price / value)
  40. Rochefort10nh

    Rochefort10nh Champion (825) New Hampshire Sep 30, 2005 Verified

    Resurgam kicked today. Cerise is now up! Red is in the hole.

    The brewery is having a "Spring Cleaning" on Saturday, May 18th which sounds like quite an event with a number of beers making appearences that haven't been seen in quite awhile.
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