Alpine Beers Currently Available?

Discussion in 'US - Northwest' started by Bprind01, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Bprind01

    Bprind01 Zealot (95) Massachusetts Mar 31, 2008

    Could someone tell me what's currently available on the shelves from Alpine. I have a buddy picking me up a few bottles and I'd like to see what's currently available. Thanks!
  2. woemad

    woemad Champion (965) Washington Jun 8, 2003

    I'm presuming you mean Alpine in Oroville, WA, not the one in California.

    That said, I haven't noticed anything bottled by them in some time, though their pilsener was on-tap at Jones Radiator not too long ago.
  3. Closest you'll get is New Belgium/Apline Super IPA. Doubt it's around anymore though.
  4. Alpine pilsner was on at Latona Pub yesterday.
  5. Assuming he wants the one from OR and not the one from CA.
  6. I assumed it was
  7. But I've never seen a bottle from the Alpine from WA.
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  8. it was on tap, not bottles.
  9. DefenCorps

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    are alpine (from oroville) beers easy to come by in seattle? They've been on my list since the brewer was featured in the print mag way back when.
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  10. woemad

    woemad Champion (965) Washington Jun 8, 2003

    Not sure about Seattle, but they turn up every now and then in Spokane at bars that frequently rotate their taps - usually the pilsener and the Bavarian Hefe. They bottled beers for a time, but that was a number of years ago. Perhaps bottles can still be obtained at the brewery in Oroville, but that's a long ways from anywhere except maybe Canada.
  11. Alpine is regularly on tap over in Leavenworth as well. Latona Pub is the only place I've seen their stuff on tap in Seattle, though.
  12. woemad

    woemad Champion (965) Washington Jun 8, 2003

    I don't think they've done it in years. When they did do it, there were quality issues, so I believe they gave it up fairly quickly. I only ever saw the pilsener and Hefe in 22oz bottles locally, and not for very long. As I mentioned to another poster on this thread, they could very well still be bottling at their brewpub in Oroville, but that's a long, long ways to go to verify that notion.