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Alpine Nelson

Discussion in 'US - Pacific' started by KaslD, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. KaslD

    KaslD Initiate (0) California Nov 25, 2012

    Does anyone know if Nelson is available in bottles again? I need to make a trip to Alpine and driving from Oceanside sucks but it is well worth it as long as I can get my Duet, Nelson and Pure Hop fix. If anyone knows I would appreciate the input.
  2. baybassboy

    baybassboy Savant (390) California Feb 23, 2011

  3. see also (619) 445-BEER
  4. KaslD

    KaslD Initiate (0) California Nov 25, 2012

    Thanks but they're closed today. I want to take the trip tomorrow but would have to be there when they open. Hoping somebody went Friday or Saturday and might know.
  5. baybassboy

    baybassboy Savant (390) California Feb 23, 2011

    So call tomorrow

    Edit: above point about being there when they open, noted
  6. real talk: when I saw it was you who posted and then saw 619 I thought you were posting my number for the lulz. would have rustled my jimmies real good.
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  7. KaslD

    KaslD Initiate (0) California Nov 25, 2012

  8. KaslD

    KaslD Initiate (0) California Nov 25, 2012

  9. why you no growler?

    Okay I have the solution to your problem.
    You have to be there when they open.
    Brewery opens at 12.
    Pub opens at 11.
    You live just over an hour from there approximately.
    Call at 11 ask pub.
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  10. KaslD

    KaslD Initiate (0) California Nov 25, 2012

    Lmao. That actually works! Obviously my problem solving skills are not on par with yours! Growlers just go flat by the end for me. I like bottles much better for that reason. I guess if it goes flat Im not drinking it quick enough but I dont polish off growlers in a night.
  11. son markintihar is disappoint
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  12. Posted on facebook last Friday:
    Alpine Beer CompanyOh, no, Bree! We just changed it to Apricot... today. We'll figure something out for you. Nelson should be back next week, in bottles, and for growler fills. As for "needing" to send our beer to the North County... Sorry! We don't even have enough for Alpine!
  13. KaslD

    KaslD Initiate (0) California Nov 25, 2012

    Lol. Cursed and blessed with a low tolerance.
  14. KaslD

    KaslD Initiate (0) California Nov 25, 2012

    Sweet! Thanks man. I guess this is a reason I should like them on FB.
  15. If you want to bring back some extra Duet you can drop it off in Encinitas!!
  16. KaslD

    KaslD Initiate (0) California Nov 25, 2012

    Lol. If there was more than a limit of 4 I would do that!! If you wanna meet me there I will buy you a couple.
  17. I got a couple bottles 3 weeks ago.
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  18. My best guess would be Tuesday is generally a good bet for getting a fresh stock of Alpine (being that the brewery is closed on Sun/Mon) - let us know
  19. ChazMania

    ChazMania Savant (280) California Jun 13, 2006

    We went there for our first time on Saturday at noon, had lunch (great buffalo chicken sandwich), I had a pint of Nelson, 1910, and Pure Hoppiness. They were all fantastic. Went next door before leaving and got bottles of Willy, Duet, and Pure Hoppiness.
    Great experience, I was surprised how tiny the place is.
  20. MacNCheese

    MacNCheese Initiate (0) California Dec 10, 2011

    It's a tiny brewery and why they have barely any distribution.
  21. OTB

    OTB Savant (405) California Sep 2, 2011

    They bottle on Monday, I was there Friday and there were no bottles of Nelson.

  22. Zhiguli

    Zhiguli Savant (295) California Jul 12, 2012

    my first visit was weekend before last and it was fantastic... i drank many pints. they were out of nelson bottles but local liquor stores hooked it up at a price premium. was really amusing haggling with old iraqi dude. then drove down to barona, won 100$ in 7 minutes and walked out..
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  23. jtmartino

    jtmartino Savant (490) California Dec 11, 2010

    Your awesome post is multiplied by the awesomeness of your avatar. Well done.
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  24. Had some fresh Nelson from a bottle yesterday... so id say yes!
  25. nsmartell

    nsmartell Savant (350) Wisconsin Aug 17, 2007

    I'm glad I saw this posted today. My folks are going to be in San Diego this weekend, staying near the airport, going to a wedding in Coronado and then Carlsbad before flying back to Chicago. Seeing as Nelson is my and my dad's first name, I would love to have them grab a bottle of this to bring home.

    Is this going to be an impossible task, or will I have luck calling a few of the places listed in Alpine's beer locator?

  26. I've never found Nelson in bottle shops. Nor Duet. Found Pure Hoppiness once. I think you should call ahead but be prepared to have him drive to Alpine if you guys REALLY want a bottle. Once there, I suggest you buy the maximum allowable (four per person). Even then, it's not a guarantee Alpine will have a single bottle
  27. romwarrior

    romwarrior Zealot (75) California Sep 14, 2010

    Yeah, even when it did make it to bottle shops around me it was always a back room type of beer. Now it is even harder to fine. Safest bet is the brewery itself but even that is not a sure thing.
  28. MacNCheese

    MacNCheese Initiate (0) California Dec 10, 2011

    If you send them out to the brewery...make sure the brewery is open. The brewery and the cafe have different hours, it's about 45mins w/o traffic from downtown, if they love BBQ they ought to eat there as well. The liquor store across the street sometimes has bottles as well, but no guarentee. You won't find it in any bottle shops. And...if your dad does this, you owe him a stripper or something for Father's Day.
  29. HopHead84

    HopHead84 Poobah (1,005) California Nov 29, 2006

    A stripper named Nelson at that.
  30. Zhiguli

    Zhiguli Savant (295) California Jul 12, 2012

  31. I was wondering who would drop the musical reference. Google told me that they are playing in Escondido in 2 weeks (part of Ricky Nelson Remembered). Perhaps they should consider adding a concert at Viejas.
  32. nsmartell

    nsmartell Savant (350) Wisconsin Aug 17, 2007

    I had a decent childhood until those two no-talent ass clowns became famous.

    Thanks to everybody else for the other information on the beer.
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  33. dcgunman

    dcgunman Savant (390) California Jul 1, 2009

    Via *blocked*:
    It has been exactly four months since Alpine Beer Company founder, Pat McIlhenny, announced that the company would grow production by 400%with the help of another brewery. Late last month, McIlhenny told BeerPulse that he is close to inking a deal similar to the one he envisioned this past fall.
    The plan calls for the beers of Alpine, ranked #19 in the world by RateBeer, to be produced at a fellow craft brewery in the U.S., one with a “phenomenal water source,” says McIlhenny. He wouldn’t disclose the brewery, citing that a contract had not yet been signed.
    Alpine production will go from 1,000 barrels to 6,000 barrels under the terms of the deal. The additional 5,000 barrels will comprise of 2,000 barrels of Nelson IPA, 2,000 barrels of Duet IPA and 1,000 barrels of Hoppy Birthday, an American Pale Ale. McIlhenny recently secured the hops he needed from New Belgium in order to add Hoppy Birthday production into the contract. Formats for all three beers will include 22 oz. ‘Belgian-style’ bottles, kegs and Ball Corporation’s Alumi-Tek aluminum 16 oz. bottles.
    Alpine would become only the third craft brewery to adopt Alumi-Tek bottles after Oskar Blues and Sun King did so with their collaboration beers.
    As for what this means for distribution, nothing has been finalized but there is a possibility of Alpine distributing in the Bay Area and Sacramento.
    McIlhenny also tells BeerPulse that another location in town they had been planning to develop is on the backburner for now.​
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  34. MacNCheese

    MacNCheese Initiate (0) California Dec 10, 2011

    Good lord...they're contracting it out? This is going to depend on where the other brewing is done, but that's scary when it comes to quality control. And it's in the US...wonder where? Must be CA if they're talking expanded distribution to the Bay Area and Sucktown. Although it'd be nice to see expanded distribution within San Diego as well.

    Bummer that they're not going to develop their other site in Alpine. For now anyway. Maybe the increased production will put more jingle-jangle in their pockets and they can move forward with their own 2nd brewery in a few yaers.
  35. 01Ryan10

    01Ryan10 Savant (295) California Sep 10, 2011

    Why do I have a feeling they are contracting with New Belgium? They already did a collab with them that was brewed at NB. They are also buying the hops from them. hmmm
  36. evilc

    evilc Initiate (0) California Jan 27, 2012

    Their quality control has been eating shit anyway. Go buy the latest batch of Duet bottles. How can it get worse?
  37. MacNCheese

    MacNCheese Initiate (0) California Dec 10, 2011

    Actually, I didn't see this on beerpulse? Direct link?
  38. MacNCheese

    MacNCheese Initiate (0) California Dec 10, 2011

    I was there Saturday and everything tasted fine on draft in the cafe. Got there too late for the brewery.