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  1. draheim

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    I'm no expert, but I wouldn't necessarily age the saisons or the tripel very long. And definitely not the black IPA or the German dark lager. Espresso Oak Aged Yeti might lose some of the coffee character over time. I don't see any benefit from aging an American amber. Ommegang puts a "best by" date on the bottle, I'd defer to the brewery. No experience w/ Berliner weisse, but that sounds like an odd choice to cellar. Tart Lychee probably won't get much better with time.

    Generally, I'd recommend drinking your beer fresh first. Only then can you determine whether cellaring is worth the effort, and you'll get a better idea as to which beers benefit most. Cheers!
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    Not sure the Harpoon Chocolate Stout has the ABV to stand up to aging.
  3. GI Matilda also doesn't age the best and it's very awesome within the first year. But I agree with everything you said without even reading which beers you were referring to.
  4. Thanks for the input guys. Looks like its time to have a beer party!

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