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American Rye Recipe

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by trginter, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. trginter

    trginter Savant (390) Michigan Dec 1, 2008

    Wanted to brew a American Rye but ended up tweaking the recipe away from that style.

  2. tfidler

    tfidler Aficionado (225) Illinois Sep 30, 2006

    I've wanted to brew a Roggenbier for a while but have been holding out to try an example before going in. Are there are commerical examples reasonably readily available?
  3. trginter

    trginter Savant (390) Michigan Dec 1, 2008

    I don't know any. I wanted to make a Rye beer and posted a recipe and everyone said it could either be considered a Roggenbier or an American Rye.
  4. Please explain to me what makes that an American Rye? Less than 51% rye malt?

    Please read the ingredients in the link. I would call it at German Rye due to the yeast selection. It is your beer and you can call it what you want, but I would ding it in a competition.

  5. trginter

    trginter Savant (390) Michigan Dec 1, 2008

    The "American Rye" style I was referring to is for the following recipe. I originally was calling it a Roggenbier but refined my recipe to what you see in the OP. I wanted to use a Hefe yeast to get some of that awesome banana hefe yeast flavor.

  6. pweis909

    pweis909 Advocate (715) Wisconsin Aug 13, 2005

    I was planning a roggen-like bier with amarillo this summer. I liked the hoppy hefe I brewed last year (cascade and amarillo) and thought roggenizing might make for an interesting twist.