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Amsterdam Boneshaker

Discussion in 'Canada' started by CanuckRover, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Best AIPA available retail in Ontario right now? Ever? I'd say IPA, but not sure that's fair as Mad Tom and Smashbomb are more traditional Canadian IPAs I think.

    This has earned a pretty safe spot in my fridge for the next while.
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  2. I'd probably put Red Racer IPA ahead of it.

    As far as OCB IPAs go though, Boneshaker is pretty good, but there are another 4 or 5 that I'd be roughly equally happy with (Mad Tom, Smashbomb, Headstock, and possibly Spearhead come to mind). Going by my scores I have Smashbomb ranked first, but that review was a while ago and I don't think I'd put it in the same spot if I re-reviewed them all. It'd probably be worth the effort to gather a bunch of them and do a side-by-side blind comparison, but until then I'll just say they're all pretty damn tasty.
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  3. Good point, I'd forgotten about Red Racer.
  4. I believe Boneshaker is a great craft beer and shows Ontario is moving in the right direction, but I too think Red Racer IPA is probably one of the best in country right now. Garrison Imp. IPA is also very fantastic stuff. Sure there are some others that are great that Ontario does not get or do not ship to my area I have not tried.

    I cannot wait to try the DIPA Madtom. But again just nice to see some better stuff being made in Ontario.
  5. Red Racers a superior IPA to date the best I have had.
  6. The Publican House Square Nose Pale Ale is pretty bad ass!
  7. It really depends on what you like in an (A)IPA. If you like the more "west coast" fruitiness and juiciness then Smashbomb and Red Racer are probably going to be your favorite (that Citra and Simcoe hop taste). If you're into the more "east coast" pine and grapefruit then Mad Tom or Garrison Imperial IPA are likely going to be your jam (that Cascade, Chinook and Centennial hop taste). I know people who love one and are indifferent to the other.

    Most people who love IPAs seem to appreciate both but really like when there is a little balance between the juiciness and the pine. Boneshaker is right in the middle. It has that pine-and-peach Amarillo hop character which makes it pretty satisfying for me whenever I'm in the mood for either "coast" of IPA, so it's been my goto Ontario IPA since it came out. It dones't hurt that the character of Amarillo hops seems to hold up best with age, so a couple of month old Smashbomb might not taste as fresh as a month old Boneshaker. Considering the storing situation (LCBO), there is less chance of me noting an "old" Boneshaker than an "old" Smashbomb. (I know Red Racer has Amarillo too, but I've never really though it was overly prominent in the profile or helped it survive age very well.)
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  8. I'd say Fat Tug, hands down as the best canadian ipa. If we are staying within Ontarian bottled ipas then mad tom would probably win it.

    Boneshaker still a nice ipa from ontario yhough. Just not the go to one.
  9. For me there isn't a go-to Ontario IPA yet. There are plenty of good ones (Smash Bomb, Boneshaker, Mad Tom) but nothing that I buy regularly. We are still waiting for our first world class IPA in my opinion.
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  10. Bellwoods Roman Candle is easily the best Ontario IPA, and I think regularly available from Bellwoods.
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  11. I would second this.
  12. Jeffo

    Jeffo Advocate (670) Netherlands Sep 7, 2008

    I'm always surprised that Nickel Brook Headstock IPA doesn't get more love from Ontarians. This one beats all the other IPA's available at the LCBO and can hold its own in the IPA style. Was really happy to see this one in cans when I came home last year.

    Will have to give this Boneshaker a go. Sounds like this summer will be a hoppy one!

  13. I rotate through crazy canuck, headstock, mad tom, boneshaker, smashbomb, red racer, and spearhead. I find they are each good in their own way.
  14. I was a touch disappointed with the bottle I had on the weekend. It is a very good IPA, don't get me wrong there. It just didn't blow me away like I thought it would. Probably better on tap though.
  15. Yea, I have to agree. The Nelson version of the Monogamy series is way better.
  16. I like Nelson Monogamy better, but don't think that they are the same style. One is a single hop pale ale, lower in ABV and blah blah whatever I got bored and lost my train of thought.
  17. The nose on Roman Candle is out of this world and probably the best IPA in Ontario, but if picking up a LCBO 6 pack IPA Boneshaker it is.
  18. Really enjoyed this one as well. Might not be a fair review though, the marketing may have got to the guy with the Jerry Garcia avatar... ;)