Anchor California Lager – a tasty historic American Lager

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    TEKNISHE Savant (415) Pennsylvania Jan 12, 2011

    This one was too sweet and under carbonated, for what i was hoping for. It only gets a b or so with me, maybe a b-. But you might like it, because I like the steam and the liberty well enough, not so much the foghorn. Sounds like i need to try the Humming if they make it again. The cali lager is a nice looking label though.
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    Was in Monterey, CA a few weeks back and stopped into a brew pub. The waiter was extremely beer knowledgeable and helpful. The wife who only enjoys pilsners and lagers, didn't know what to get. He suggested the Anchor California Lager, told the whole story almost verbatim from the bottle, then described the taste near perfectly. The wife enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm not a big lager fan, but I liked it too. Glad to have found it back in Illinois when I got home, it was only a few weeks back, but I see this as a staple "go to" for her in our fridge for months to come.
  3. BA foles deserves a gold star on his forehead for his post of: “Nothing like a classic, especially when supremely balanced and fresh.”

    Cheers to foles!
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    Here here !
    Jack - Is the (hop) taste of this beer in line with the use of Cluster in your CAPs ?
  5. Pete, I really can’t ‘compare’ the Cluster in my CAPs with the Cluster in California Lager. When I brew my CAPs I use a lot of Hallertauer Mittelfruh hops for flavor/aroma. In other words I really can’t detect any flavor contributions from the Cluster since I use it solely for the bittering addition and I have all that flavor/aroma from the Hallertauer Mittelfruh.

    In an earlier post I made a feeble attempt at describing the flavor of the Cluster hops in California Lager:

    “How would I describe the flavor of Cluster hops? I should state upfront that my ability to articulate beer flavors is not my strong suit; I suppose I would describe the Cluster hop flavor as being a subdued floral/spicy flavor. I have seen BAs as stating that Cluster provides a “coarse” or “harsh” aspect to a beer. I detect absolutely no coarseness and harshness to this beer. I would describe it as being balanced and overall a tasty beer.”


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    Usually, you can say "those kinda taste like Fuggles" or "they have a Noble Hop characteristic" but I find the hop flavor in California lager quite unique...and intriguing.

    Cheers !
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  7. “I find the hop flavor in California lager quite unique...and intriguing.” A BIG +1 to that!

    I personally am quite pleased with the flavor profile of California Lager which I think to large measure is from the Cluster Hops. I would very much like to see other breweries use Cluster more as a flavor/aroma hop. I very much doubt that this will happen since there seems to be a large and visceral dislike of Cluster hops from craft brewers. My guess is that this dislike is a ‘reaction’ to associating Cluster hops with the BMC type breweries/beers. A real shame in my opinion.

  8. Looks like those Skyy Vodka guys read my post ;) - just found some Anchor California Lager in central NJ (Mercer County - so that should be Hub City distribution area) and with a bottling date of Aug. 15, 2013 - about the freshest one can find any Anchor product.

    (Not refrigerated at the retailer, I guess you can't expect everything...)

    Exactly - but what beer "exactly" does it remind me of, especially the nose. Damn, gonna drive me crazy....
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    I just saw it in NJ, too. Hopefully it sticks around.

    So- have you figured out what it reminds you of yet? (I'm genuinely curious, for whatever reason.)
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    Drinking my first bottle of California lager and I'm impressed. It's increadibly clean with a dry body and a strong bitterness. It tastes like a really high quality pale lager beer (it wouldn't be inaccurate to call it a pilsner I think, in my book it is a pilsner). This is the beer I was expecting from Samuel Adams Noble Pils, an American pilsner beer with all the fixings: clean, dry and a good strong bitterness. It just has a classic taste to it. This would be a regular buy for me if it ends up on monopoly shelves.
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    Get this in trade, or is it available in Sweden? Be surprised if it was, because it's not available everywhere in the U.S!
  12. Crusader

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    It's available through the monopoly but you have to order a case of it (it was made available for order here january 1st), it's not on the shelf. It's sort of like a second tier cataloge of products which the importers offer and keep in stock.
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    This finally dropped in my area, been looking forward to it for some time now.
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    glad to see this thread. now that I've read the entire thing, I'm not glad to find out that the sixer of this I bought the other day - which JUST ARRIVED at the store I was in - is from that same Aug. 15, 2013 batch @jesskidden posted back in September! ARRRGGHHH

    oh well, still tasty :D
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    Good news California Lager fans- the beer is a success! I suppose it goes to show if you build it they will come.

    This quote was originally posted by @jesskidden in the Anchor IPA thread, but I don't think he'd mind my posting it here as well.

    From this article:

    I get a good feeling that this beer will still be available, as well as from seeing something go against the grain and succeeding so well.
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