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Another step back for craft beer in the South

Discussion in 'US - South' started by ubenumber2, Feb 10, 2013.

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  2. It's like prohibition all over again. And in more hilarious news:
    You can't read that and not mentally pronounce Fart Bricks.
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  3. Eldrad

    Eldrad Zealot (75) Louisiana Feb 10, 2013

    They are fools!
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  4. StuartCarter

    StuartCarter Savant (450) Alabama Apr 25, 2006

    it's a violation of state law. What is so hard to understand about this?
  5. drfabulous

    drfabulous Savant (260) Kentucky Jul 23, 2005

    yet more of a waste of time and taxpayers' money
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  6. Oh I dont know , maybe I want my government to worry more about the illegal mexican not paying taxes on this drug money that he makes , or the hillbilly down the street cooking meth in his trailer while his kids are at home instead of worrying about passing bills , putting in to legislation , arresting , fining or just otherwise harassing people who want to drink beer , be it good or bad beer. Sure its agains state law but so is marrying your sister and they turn their eyes on that in Tennessee and Alabama , hehe

  7. StuartCarter

    StuartCarter Savant (450) Alabama Apr 25, 2006

    wow.... stupidity, racism, bigotry, and ignorance, all in one post. Wow.
  8. Ahh yeah I figured you was the type of person looking for an argument on an internet forum , look buddy if you want to argue with someone go talk to your wife or gf or find someone else who cares , Im here about beer and information about beer not to deal with people who are so bored in life and have so little that starting an argument on here makes their day , so go find someone else who fits into your group of internet losers and piss off ;) and have a great day too

  9. StuartCarter

    StuartCarter Savant (450) Alabama Apr 25, 2006

    apparently you're just looking for a fight because you're an internet toughguy. I won't even bother correcting all your inaccuracies because there is no point.
  10. STKPICR0720

    STKPICR0720 Savant (275) Alabama Mar 16, 2011

    It is against the law. If people don't like it then use your freedom of speech to help get the law changed. Hey Stuart how does our homebrew bill look going forward?
  11. Simply wonderful ;)

  12. Well shoot now I'm getting the good ole fashioned Ill get my buddy in on it too forum bully action , thank goodness for the ignore function of this beautiful site
  13. Yeah I was thinking the same thing about the guys name , he should have named the brewery after himself

  14. STKPICR0720

    STKPICR0720 Savant (275) Alabama Mar 16, 2011

    Nah I was not bullying at all. I was just in a round about way saying I hope they rise up in Tennessee and resolve the problem. Nothing at all against what you and Stuart have going on. Mainly just talking about Tennessee.
  15. StuartCarter

    StuartCarter Savant (450) Alabama Apr 25, 2006

    Right To Brew have come flying out of the gate with their bill pre-filed in both the House and the Senate. They look well positioned this year. Like a lot of people, I am hoping that home brewing will be legal this year!
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  16. Photekut

    Photekut Initiate (0) Tennessee Mar 31, 2006

    Yep, Tennessee is beer hell.

    I love how your article is dealing with Maryville, TN where I live.

    I am glad I can travel and have great trading partners. It softens the blow.
  17. harperman69

    harperman69 Savant (355) Tennessee Feb 11, 2009

    Sweet, my wife is from Maryville, but my in-laws still live there. Might have to do an IP in the future.
  18. fritts211

    fritts211 Savant (285) Tennessee Feb 19, 2011

    Unfortunately, craft beer is really slow to catch on in TN, so advocacy is behind. Smokey Mountain sells their beer at plenty of stores around the Knoxville area, so this shouldn't be a huge problem for them. Maybe enough regulars will complain, but I doubt it.

    The law seems incredibly stupid though. Archaic fear-based, bible-thumping laws trump most common sense legislation though for now, particularly for alcohol.
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  19. Over in North East Arkansas craft beer is in a sad state also ,I can run up to the Missouri line where they have a really good beer guy there who gets what he can , Hop Slam lots of Founders and a bunch of Cali stuff , the problem is if this guy quits or gets fired its back to beer hell instead of beer purgatory
  20. FozzieThaBurr

    FozzieThaBurr Disciple (65) Feb 8, 2013

    Since your bigotry and ignorance has already been addressed, I want to make a note about punctuation. Grammar and punctuation are supposed to be used to make the job of the reader easier.
  21. Thats me , Ignorant , Bigot , kant spel and beer lover. thinks fo noticeen

  22. Ariz

    Ariz Aficionado (110) Alabama May 2, 2009

    Screwed up alcohol laws are not unique to TN or even the south. Utah and Pennsylvania are couple of states that come to mind. There are often strong business interests involved in maintaining regulations that are archaic or even arbitrary. Like it or not campaign contributions and lobbyist that have the government's ear will garner more attention than what most people consider priorities. Do you think the lack of beer and wine in PA grocery stores is a reflection of what the consumers there desire?
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  23. FozzieThaBurr

    FozzieThaBurr Disciple (65) Feb 8, 2013

    Spelling and grammar aren't the same thing. Not even close.
  24. I live in a dry county , yet I can go to most restaurants and drink , its 15 miles to a liquor store , or 35 miles to a good liquor store , I leave Arkansas and go to Memphis and have to go to a liquor store to buy any beer over 6% and go to a grocery store or gas station for beer under that. Im so confused I dont know what to do but sit down and have a homebrew and wait for mr popo to come take it from me
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  25. youradhere

    youradhere Savant (485) Arkansas Feb 29, 2008

    They have similar laws in Washington State- you need to get a special license to sell beer in growlers or bottles to go, I've been several places back home where they wouldn't / couldn't sell to go because they didn't have a license. Since moving down here ie found through observation and interaction that most southerners are not law abiding (moreso flagrantly than those in northern states)- and then complain and cry foul when they get nabbed for it. Call it ignorance of the law, or disrespect for it, just my observations.

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