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another Vancouver question

Discussion in 'Canada' started by yock, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. yock

    yock Aficionado (205) Indiana Jun 22, 2005

    I will be in Vancouver later this summer. I just read the post about which places to stop. I have one day only to hit as many stops as I can. Is it possible (and safe) to start out early afternoon by taking a taxicab to Parallel 49, and walking west to the Fairmont Waterfront near Gastown, hitting in order P49, Powell St, Alibi Room, and ending at Steamworks along my trek? Is Storm Brewing worth stopping at? I will be with my spouse, and we'll be sharing brews so as not to get too liquored-up on our trek back west to the Fairmont. I'm not opposed to walking almost 3 miles over a 5 hr period, just wondered if it was a safe are to walk. And if we get tired, are their cabs available to hail along that route? thx.
  2. The area around Parallel 49 is home to them and Powell St. ( Coal harbour and Storm do not have a tasting area). Then it gets sketchy as you head west. Get a cab back to the Alibi room IMHO. I have walked that route and frankly it takes in some very questionable areas. The Alibi room is at the edge of the bad areas and any walking to the west will take you back into the gastown/ downtown area. Don't forget the Rogue Wet Bar next to Steamworks in your travels.
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  3. yock

    yock Aficionado (205) Indiana Jun 22, 2005

    Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to get a taxi back from P49 to Gastown? Are they present in that area? Thx.
  4. You shouldn't have any problems getting a cab from there as it is a block in either direction from some major streets.
  5. st.augustines!
  6. Pffff, that area is perfectly safe during the day especially if you're not alone. You're more likely to get hurt stepping on a rock in Stanley Park than being attacked in East Van. The only section to avoid would be on Hastings around Main and Carall. Watch out for trucks along Powell St though.

    If you walk back along Powell you will be more than fine and the walk will be way more interesting than a cab, lots of cool old buildings, probably only about 30-40minutes at most. There's lots of cool shops the closer you get to Gastown.

    For a bite to eat I'd suggest going to Big Lou's butcher shop and grab a couple amazing sandwiches at the counter. Address is Powell and Gore. Great place to people watch too. Storm should have at least 1 beer on tap at Alibi.

    I'd only suggest a cab back to Gastown more for the sake of it will probably be raining, lol. You should be able to get a cab from P49 no prob just ask someone at the bar to call one for you.
  7. one man's 'questionable' is another man's Instagram photos hahaha
  8. going to vancouver for the first time this thursday, thanks for the suggestions here.
  9. 4ster

    4ster Savant (340) Ontario (Canada) Aug 17, 2012

    I don't think anyone who uses Instagram goes to that part of town, you must be confusing Strathcona with Yaletown...

    and really it is not a horrible walk, though I guess it depends on your and/or your wife's level of comfort with impoverished/homeless/etc type of neighbourhoods....(if you're from the Burbs and are the type that locks their doors when they drive through certain parts of cities, then maybe it's not for you) it's not as bad as it was say 5-10 year ago.... If you want to walk but skip some of the more questionable street corners, do what JohnnyBeers says.... or I might suggest you can walk along E.Hastings to about Hawks Avenue, head north(towards the mountains) along it till you get to Alexander St, take a left (West) and that will take you right to Alibi Room...

    One alternative suggestion would be to take the skytrain to the Commercial Drive Station, walk down Commercial drive (there are a few good small pubs st.augustines/bierckraft which specializes in Belgium beers and has local, and they will often have Storm on tap along Commercial) walk down towards Parallel 49... then from there call a cab or flag one down on E.Hastings, and it's about a 5 min drive to Alibi Rm.... then continue on.

    If you want to bring back a few bottles of local or west coast brews, best places to hit up are Brewery Creek on Main St, Lecacy Liquor in the Olympic Village, or if you don't have much time, the best place downtown is Viti Wine & Lager on the corner of Seymour St/Smithe)....

    Hope that makes some sense and helps at all :)