Belgium antwerp tasting ( belgium)

Discussion in 'Europe' started by kraddel, Aug 23, 2012.

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    kraddel Aficionado (160) Belgium Jul 20, 2012

    hey ! i'm a bartender, so my days off are limited and mostley not very predicvtable. the onley day im sure i have off, is monday. so, what about a tasting on monday? come on sure some of you have vacation, or also a day of. i thought about starting in the afternoon , so it doenst get to late . is anyone up for this. i think about me and 4 others would be the maximum capacitie to keep it quite possible and enjoyable. so first ones get it ! i live near sportpaleis ( bus 19 stops here , and goes from en to antwerp centraal) dont care if youre belgian or noit, just like something equaly worthy.
    what do i have? my specail beers go from struise ( black damnations ) to oeatgoop. maybe nothing uberrare, but hey, if it tastes good? ) to common beers ( yes i even have carlsberg)
    i live alone so no troubles there, and i emptyd my fridge so beer can get ( if nessecary ) cold !

    i will onley react to PM's , so if your intrested, please send me a message !

    if it goes good we could make an arangement, like every firtst monday or something like that, depending if the atendies are also free every monday and intrests !