Any ideas on how to stop lame boxes from showing up? Lame BIF box list?

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  1. Your box rocked! See all the 'likes' on it:

    :) That was a textbook 'nailing a BIF' box.

    I feel bad that I said anything (vague as I was) now. I've done a lot of BIFs, and any that I've had any issue with seem to be from people who aren't even around anymore. (go figure!)
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  2. WagonCircler

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    Ive been in a few and I think Im done with them. So far I would have rather had the boxes I sent then the boxes I received. One time the dude I sent a (IMO) great box to ended up being that Swuntly guy who ripped off a bunch of people. Another time a guy told me he was going to send a follow up box and never did. I'd rather just skip them, personally. I like the idea tho.
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  3. I've been let down in a lot of BIFs lately but don't want to call out anyone. I've learned my lesson that BIFs just aren't for me
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  5. Hanzo

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    This goes back to the trading scene in general, a lot of people on this site want to win trades so I can only imagine there are those out there that try to win BIFs by sending out crap and getting awesome boxes in return. The organizer of the BIF needs to BM the guy and tell him what he did was wrong and give him a chance to fix it.
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  6. OakedCanuck

    OakedCanuck Initiate (0) Washington Jun 23, 2009

    Completely agree Hanzo. I used to participate regularly in BIFs but as this 'must win' attitude has gripped the site I have almost stopped doing BIFs. One of the reasons I didn't do Secret Santa this year. More often than not I'd rather have kept the box I sent. People participating need to take what, 10-15 minutes to look at the person's profile and see what they have access to, their reviews, and what they have in their cellar. Nothing like getting beers you can get on the shelf at Fred Meyer or something that you have already or have had. I'll probably do a select few other BIFs but it would depend on WHO is participating (i.e. established traders), though that is not always fool-proof.
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  7. cosmicevan

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    a while back cam (urbancaver) tried to create a BIF/trader list and lots of people were butthurt about it since it excluded people from getting involved in some NBOs but at the same time provided the protection you are looking for when signing up for a BIF.

    the real problem is that rules are set and technically if you follow the rules, you've done no wrong...but BIFs are like office space:

    fortunately in this community, most people are like Brian.

    BIF organizers should do their due dilligence and check for evidence of the BIF boxes people have sent in the past. unless some sort of n00b BIF where YMMV.

    the thing about BIFs though is that winning means that you sent the better box (at least that's how it used to be).
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  8. FishPondManager

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    A quick search of the first two pages does not reveal my name. Phew, I was worried there for a second. I guess I've been lucky, or naive, with all my BIF boxes and been very happy. You just gotta follow the golden rule.

    I fear, though, that we may have seen the death of TMTOBA.
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  9. cosmicevan

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    if you are worried that your name is being outed in this thread, then you know you should be putting together a better box.
  10. stupac2

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    TMTOBA? Teenage Mutant Turtles of Beer Advocate?

    To be fair, I literally JUST sent to OP, so I think my paranoia there was a bit justified. But I think that box was pretty solid...
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  11. FishPondManager

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    Ouch, I guess I should have [/s]. And to think I offered to be your crooked stave trustee [/s]
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  12. I think if someone doesn't meet the requirement for a BIF and doesn't fix it, they are a bad trader and should be added to that list. If someone sends BIF boxes that meet requirements but are just sort of okay, they will gradually end up on a lot of active and generous traders' "meh" lists, at the very least, which isn't the hugest punishment but definitely is something, and I'm not sure that it's appropriate call them out to a greater degree.
  13. ^Becky sends brownies and multiple boxes in BIFs. Good BIF'er!
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  14. I have only ever done one BIF (It is still going on). Even though I am new I thought the idea was to knock someone's socks off? If that is not what it is about, then why bother doing it? I got an amazing box, and I sent out the best box that I possibly could. I know that it couldn't compare to some boxes that were in the BIF, just because I don't have the cellar some other do, but quality is quality. I agree that the trick is to make sure most (if not all) of the beer doesn't exist near the target. There is damn good beer in most places that doesn't make it out of the local area. Concentrate on that, and you can make someone happy even if your cellar is not full of mega whales.

  15. WagonCircler

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    Someone do a best box bonus BIF. Have a judges not involved vote for whoever they think put together the best box. The winner gets a bonus from everyone already in the BIF.
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  16. There have been a couple of these in the past.

    It still doesn't stop people from half-assing it though, because they know they won't win, but they'll still end up with a much better box than they sent.
  17. WagonCircler

    WagonCircler Savant (335) New York May 15, 2011 Verified

    I know it won't fix it, I just want to see some of the beer porn involved. Ill leave fixing things to you and people like you.
  18. dblab33

    dblab33 Savant (365) Michigan Dec 9, 2011

    No, he never made good on anything. One of his friends did send me a nice little make up box that did include a movie and a few tasty beers.

    There were two things that pissed me off about the box I received - no movie and a beer stained koozie as swag. Not a good first BIF experience for me, but I decided to continue to participate in them because I love putting together awesome boxes that give people the "kid on Christmas morning" feeling.
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  19. I always feel paranoid when I send out boxes in a BIF. As someone said, KBS can be one mans wale and another's shelf beer. I always do my best to keep to the theme and go above minimums, but I often feel like I just don't have the power to hit wants for heavy hitters.

    That said, if you enter a BIF and your access is limited you should at least go way over oz minimum, stick to theme, pay attention to distro, and try your damnedest to get shelf limited and seasonal stuff for your target.
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  20. Should note that the box you sent me in that BIF was incredible, you are doing it right. Cheers!
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  21. fortsambo

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  22. buffs9

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    You did a great job, don't fret. Seems like 90% of BAs get the BIF concept and do it the right way. I did see a pretty weak haul at a buddy's last night, though it was apparently box 1 of 2 so there's still hope.
  23. dblab33

    dblab33 Savant (365) Michigan Dec 9, 2011

    Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I always try to put together boxes I'd love to receive and then kick it up one more notch beyond that. I'm a firm believer in beer karma and lots of BAs have been very good to me.

    Also, I feel like I need to say that the awesome box I got from trxxpaxxs in the Vinyl BIF really restored my faith in BIFs for sure. I will continue to participate in BIFs, but will also be cautious to make sure all participants are vetted well.
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  24. trxxpaxxs

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    Glad you liked the box! And thanks for the kind words. I have been on the receiving end of some very generous BAs, and just try to pay it forward when I can (here's looking at you leschkie, libbey, brewtifulmind, JeepCop, misterhops, vegasbeerman, surlytheduff, and many, many others). Cheers!
  25. NJOssie

    NJOssie Savant (275) New Jersey Feb 28, 2012

    all this came to light while I was away... I have to say that seeing his name in more BIF's is irritating and he's not even trying to defend himself.... I believe he should have at minimum a Bad BIF'er Alert thread
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  26. I have been fortunate in the vast majority of the BIF boxes I have received have been absolutely amazing. I've had a couple that made me shrug my shoulders but the amount of awesomeness from the rest have vastly outweighed the others.

    I tend to lean towards BIF's run by people I know are going to do a stand up job of vetting and coordinating (thank you guys!).

    But in the end I join BIF's because I enjoy the premise and the friendships that can be built from them. I join BIF's with the sole idea of dropping giant beer bombs on people's porches because in my mind that is how you win a Beer it Forward.
  27. NJOssie

    NJOssie Savant (275) New Jersey Feb 28, 2012

    well said libbey... I won't be shying away from BIF's by any means, nor giving someone the short end... but I would prefer to see people that are constantly involved and not doing their part (not even meeting the rules and not making good on it after they see the other hauls) blacklisted
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  28. The first BIF I was involved I got a half ass box and it was sent 3 weeks after the target date.
    Two shirts which were the incorrect size, broken glassware, and 80% of the beers were of styles I didnt have a single hint of in wants/gots/hads. At the time I even had listed on my profile that I wasnt interested in those styles.
    Even though the sender said replacements would be in the mail, I never received anything. I see the person participating in multiple BIFs with the same excuses.

    In the end, is it worth it to cause a big stink about it? Not really. I will be leery and will express my opinion to a the BIF creator if I am in the same BIF as them again.
  29. NJOssie

    NJOssie Savant (275) New Jersey Feb 28, 2012

    I hear you glitch... but just like a bad trader, calling them out may help someone in the future
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  30. BearsOnAcid

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    Do you even BIF bro?

    Brendan4532 should be banned from BIFs.
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  31. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2009

    I do not. First two years here I thought you had to BE Bi to play. Then when I found out that was optional I decided to get on a gang bang team, again a bit sad because I misunderstood the "gang bang" part and was finally willing to learn what "alternative lifestyle" REALLY meant.
  32. Wait doesn't your team a tranny or hiring one or something?
  33. MordorMongo

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    Oh I understand your mistake, easy one to make.....that is just Shagtastic.....he only LOOKS like a tranny.
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  34. cfh64

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    There's nothing to be sorry about. Normally I'm pretty tolerant but I find it hard to believe this guy is joining BIF's and not know that his boxes are lackluster to say the least. I'm quite sure there are "better" beers in his distro than what he his sending. DB IMO.
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  35. fortsambo

    fortsambo Savant (280) Colorado Feb 14, 2011

    Or just check his gots...
  36. dblab33

    dblab33 Savant (365) Michigan Dec 9, 2011

    He has also posted in other threads that he works for a beer distributor. Not sure how it works in Florida, but everyone I know that works in distro up here can basically get whatever they want from the brands they carry.
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  37. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2009

    It should be clear from his failure to express any concern here that he is completely aware of what he is doing/has done. Unless he has no friends to tell him we are lynching him.....which given his clear generosity is pretty possible.
  38. franklinn

    franklinn Savant (440) Vermont May 29, 2012

    Someone needs to send him a message with a link to this thread, a picture of Jimmy from South Park, and text that says "Have you seen this? Have you heardaboutthis?"
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  39. twofold:

    do a better job of picking BIF participants


    set reasonable BIF goals, both for the group and yourself.

    A lot of the more Lofty BIFs seem to have a lot of 'bad' boxes. I've also seen a bunch of boxes that look pretty f'in sweet to me land only to get torn apart as 'shelf turds' or 'not even that rare'. Not everyone has access to wales or even the caliber/selection that many are used to. If you want a wale CJ then why don't you guys set up a trade so you know what beers you're gonna get and you won't be 'out' your 'precious'.
  40. NJOssie

    NJOssie Savant (275) New Jersey Feb 28, 2012

    Shogo... I get what you're saying, but have you even seen what this guy has sent/done? He doesn't even meet some of the BIF rules

    I love killing people with boxes... I don't have to feel like I got the better end at all... and I haven't been the "victim" in any BIF... but after seeing this guy's boxes, he's clearly not doing his part or trying to send anyone a good box
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