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any interest in gulf coast bottle share/tasting???

Discussion in 'South' started by PALMEJ1, May 22, 2012.

  1. PALMEJ1

    PALMEJ1 Savant (365) Alabama Dec 8, 2008 Verified


    Trying to see if anyone would be interested in a bottle share/tasting event in Mobile, AL some time this summer. I have yet to meet another beer advocate from Mobile, so I figured this would be a good place to start. Anyone who can make it to Mobile is more than welcome. Here is a list of bottles I could bring to share with everyone. Bringing beer would be encouraged but not required.

    Hunahpu's vertical (10, 11, and 12)
    Black Tuesday
    Mother of All Storms (10 and 11)
    Sierra Nevada 30th Anny beers
    and many more...

  2. I would love to come, but would need accommodations. Im sure I have plenty beer to offer. When are you thinking?
  3. I'd like to get together for a bottle share as well.
  4. nate8767

    nate8767 Aficionado (195) Alabama Nov 1, 2011

    It'd be awesome to meet some BAs too. Been active in the BA community in NYC and TX, but I move to Mobile on June 23rd and don't know anyone. I can provide a lot of stuff as well, hopefully we can make this happen!

  5. nate8767

    nate8767 Aficionado (195) Alabama Nov 1, 2011

    By the way, I'm going to be in town briefly tomorrow/Thurs. Does anyone have any recommendations on bottle shops?

  6. jl28r1

    jl28r1 Savant (490) Texas Jan 10, 2011

    So I guess your divorce from the SA tasting crew is official? You bastard!;)
  7. Cottage hill package is going to be the best place in Mobile.