Anybody brewing for the end of the world?

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by rundocrun, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. rundocrun

    rundocrun Savant (280) Iowa Oct 1, 2010

    A few of my buddies and I are just about to brew up a batch of ridiculously decadent "bourbon barrel" barleywine:

    Target OG: 1.119
    Target ABV: 12.0%
    IBUs: 96

    19.6 lb. 2-row pale
    1.5 lb. 40L crystal
    0.8 lb. 80L crystal
    1.0 lb. victory
    2.4 lb. pale DME

    120 min boil
    2 oz. chinook @60
    1 oz. cascade @45
    1 oz. centennial @15
    1 oz. citra @5

    bourbon-soaked toasted oak cubes/chips added to secondary fermenter.

    Of course, considering the world will end today, we won't actually get to taste this behemoth in its finished form, but it's the process that counts, right? ;)
  2. PortLargo

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    Your recipe looks fitting for an end-of-the-world brewday.

    Not brewing today, but adding some dry hops to my secondary Double IPA.
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  3. inchrisin

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    Hell no, just trying to drink it all in!