Germany Anyone Been to Oktoberfest in Hannover, Germany?

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    HOP_KING Savant (250) Illinois Jan 30, 2013

    How was it? Have you also been to bigger fest down south? How do they compare?

    Hop King is curious, looking to go and quench his thirst this fall.
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    As far as The Oktoberfest goes (München), BA Stahlsturm thinks it is the very definition of a clusterfuck. Me? I've been 27 times, and love it.... not for the bier, but the good times. Good chance to enjoy visits to Aying, Andechs and Weihenstephan, too... I have also been to the Cannstatter fest in Stuttgart, and that is a cheaper, less crowded version of the München event. Never been to the Hannover to-do, though... Looking for good bier without the crowds? Head to the Franken area of Bayern... Bamberg to Regensburg and environs in between.... Good stuff cheap!!

  3. Stahlsturm

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    But he has been asking about Hannover... Me, I didn't even know they had an Oktoberfest there so I can't comment. Hannover isn't exactly well known as a town with brewing tradition so I wouldn't get my hopes up too high.
  4. The Hannover event looks more like a funfair than a beer festival. I know the Munich fest has a big funfair too, but at least there the beer is still the main thing. This just looks like a parking lot with some roundabouts on it. Of course there will be a beer stand of some sort, but I think anyone flying over the Atlantic for it would end up very disappointed.

    HOP_KING Savant (250) Illinois Jan 30, 2013

    Thanks for the posts. I hope to be there for work at the time, so wouldn't necessarily be going to vaca for this event. Here's Wiki's description:

    The Oktoberfest Hannover is a fair which takes place every year at the end of September/beginning of October in Hanover, Germany. It usually lasts 16 days and features 160 rides and inns, two large beer tents seating more than a thousand people each, and numerous stands offering refreshments. With more than one million visitors each year, it is the third-largest Oktoberfest in the world.
  6. Went last year, just a massive fairground with beer tents. The beer comes from the Herrenhauser brewery(the city's smaller brewery behind Gilde), they had the standard Herrenhauser Pils and a Festbier which I didn't try. If you're in H-Town while it's on, it might be worth a look but don't cross the Atlantic to go there.
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    Doesn't that also describe the Oktoberfest in Munich, or the Volkfest in Stuttgart? For the most part, anyway.
  8. Thinking about it, massive is the wrong word. The area is fairly big, but smaller than the site used for the Oktoberfest in Munich. The city itself only has two brewerys left and just one of them supplies beer to the festival. Basically it's a lesser version of what goes on in Munich.
  9. Stahlsturm

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    München also has just 2 breweries left...