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Anyone ever use one of these for growlers/bombers

Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by Zach136, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Zach136

    Zach136 Advocate (610) Georgia Jun 17, 2012 Verified


    My local bar uses a system like this to keep multiple bottles fresh for seasonal flights. I was curious if anyone here ever used a similar thing on their home bar. It may be fairly cost prohibitive, but thought some people may have utilized it.
  2. I suppose it might work, assuming it was designed to hold 12-ish psi long term (certainly doesn't need to for wine, but who knows?). Generally speaking, you'd want to use CO2 instead of argon or nitrogen to dispense beer, and you also need to use some kind of adapters to connect to the beer bottles, so you'll need to make some modifications. If you're handy enough to do that, then you'd probably be better off spending maybe 1/3 the price to build a proper beer dispenser. $1,000+ will also buy you a really nice ready made kegerator.
  3. Zach136

    Zach136 Advocate (610) Georgia Jun 17, 2012 Verified

    Yeah I'm pretty sure the bar I mentioned has a C02 system added. It's definitely a niche purchase and a kegerator makes a lot more sense 99% of the time.