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Anyone trade less because of the new trade forum?

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk & Help' started by OneBeertoRTA, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Overlord

    Overlord Advocate (665) California Jun 28, 2007

    It doesn't sound like it.

    Cognitive dissonance is a wonderful thing.

    I want you to add: "an ostensibly public internet message board" to the two items you have listed. Now, which of those three things is not like the others?

    Look, it's not entirely about wanting to trade-shit or embarrass people. It's not about the money, either. It's about sending a message. This forum needs better and more entertaining discussions (like, frankly, the ones we used to have). And I want to give it to them.
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  2. Overlord

    Overlord Advocate (665) California Jun 28, 2007

    I have not taken much note of you before, black13, but your posts in conjunction with Levitation's observations have now attracted my attention. I will be following your future endeavors with great interest.
  3. I'm sure this is what most people miss. I just don't understand why entertaining discussions can't be had anywhere else but in someone's ISO/FT's. It just looks like people need someone to make fun of...or otherwise need someone else's expense at whom they can otherwise have their fun. Seems pretty petty and childish. You can send a message. Privately. Mission accomplished...except you don't have any fun. It makes it seem like sending the message isn't the point. It's the fun derived from the manner in which you send it. Again...if the responses were productive, the ability to reply to ISO's would probably still be active. But it's a gong show, so it's not.
  4. Pahn

    Pahn Champion (815) New York Dec 2, 2009 Verified

    while i have a strong suspicion that i disagree with a lot of overlord's implied esthetic judgments, i have to admit that the ISO:FT threadshitting was significantly funnier than much of the forced-meme wannabe comedy elsewhere at BA.

    at the same time, that's sort of like pointing out that something is more fun than being hit directly in the face with an aluminum bat.
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  5. black13

    black13 Savant (465) Oregon Apr 11, 2010 Verified

    Let this be my last response to Levitation.
    Yes my daughter is named Isabella! Yes I made a funny diatribe about Blabaer and my wife's surgery. All fun and games.
    Yes my mom did die from cancer. Sept 28th to be exact! You crossed the line on that one! The next time you feel like making a reference or statement, how about excluding the death of family members!
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  6. OneBeertoRTA

    OneBeertoRTA Advocate (665) California Jan 2, 2010 Verified Subscriber

    I'm sensing you had a bad experience in the ISO/FT forum, public humiliation perhaps?

    It's much easier in the new forum for the auctioners to throw out vague ISO's and sit back waiting for the best offer. In the old world, I miss those guys who would chime in to tell them that their BM offer of the exact ISO beers was turned down or the occasional guy that stated their are 75 cases on the floor at the Bevmo across the street...
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  7. dude... you mentioned it, and tried to milk it. that's not something i could have known unless you had posted it.

    sorry for your loss, but don't pretend i crossed the line by mentioning something YOU posted. i've lost family members to cancer and i found your iso shameless, classless, and disrespectful.
  8. Overlord

    Overlord Advocate (665) California Jun 28, 2007


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  9. Pahn

    Pahn Champion (815) New York Dec 2, 2009 Verified

    @auction threads:

    1) report them,

    2) i'm john auctioner. i want to auction off a beer. here's what i do:

    FT: beer i have that i know lots of people want.
    ISO: beer a few orders of magnitude more valuable than my beer.

    1 of 2 outcomes ensue:

    a) i actually get the valuable beer. i then flip-or-drink it.
    b) people PM me "lowballing" my offer, or at least trying to negotiate with me. i take part in "negotiations," ie stall for time as i field other "negotiations." AKA i hold an auction.


    this cannot be policed with rules. you need to call out scammers, and (more importantly!) keep "The Whole Point Of Trading" in mind and not fall for bullshit like that.

    p.s. note, john auction above is a bit of a moron too, since he went to all that trouble and probably just ended up ticking a 5 year old american wild ale or something. tweeted about it, and the 20 people who read the tweet didn't give a shit.


    edit2: Some Trading 101 (Trading 102?) Notes About This Post's Hypothetical

    1) if you see john auction's sleazy ISO, PM him a beer you're willing to give up for the beer he's offering, and the trade goes through, things aren't really going badly. maybe he's not going to be the guy who kills you with extras or sends you an unsolicited box full of your wants, but so what?

    2) if beer continues to get more valuable, note that you also have to, unfortunately, advert to more than just forum etiquette to look out for scammers. e.g. you'd think from my posts that i'm the warmest, most generous man on earth, but maybe i'm a scammer! (dramatic music)
  10. Actually...no. But I found it distasteful to see people who weren't even remotely interested in the actual ISO/FT teeing off on it because, well...they could. I suppose you're right in regards to vague ISO's and what is blatantly an auction. However...even in ISO's that are clear cut, I've BM'ed offering other things not even listed, and gotten things done. I'm sure LOTS of people "counter" with offers not listed. Is it not an auction then too?

    I admit, there are SOME merits to having replies enabled. And I'm sure SOME people would use them to a productive end.
  11. Pittsky

    Pittsky Aficionado (215) Florida May 28, 2009

    I don't really get why anyone cares if someone decides to try to "auction" beer anyhow. If you're too dumb to realize you're taking part in an auction and getting had, then you need to wise up. Live and Learn

    As long as all parties are happy and agree on whatever the hell they agree on, even though it's rediculous and lopsided, who gives a shit. Some people really care about beer advocacy and some don't. That's their right i suppose. If they wanna trade solely to mazimize the amount of beer they can get, let em. Don't like it? Don't trade with them. My .2 cents.
  12. Overlord

    Overlord Advocate (665) California Jun 28, 2007

    I do. The beer market is a delicate equilibrium, fueled by a combustible mixture of rarity, hype, greed, teeth gnashing, ethylene glycol, and somewhere on the list taste, smell, etc. These transactions do not exist in a vacuum, they are amalgamated into The Beer Trading Market(tm) and they affect all of us. Folks use these transactions to dictate prices, distort markets, and prevent traders from getting a fair deal.

    It's because of this dynamic that organizations such as the Federation of United California Traders (F.U.C.T.) were originally conceived. And through the iron hand of collective bargaining, fairness for all was ensured. That paradigm has been broken due to the stifling of free and impartial speech from third parties.
  13. Rempo

    Rempo Initiate (0) Indiana Jan 18, 2010

    It was boob surgery.

    (I think)
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  14. Pittsky

    Pittsky Aficionado (215) Florida May 28, 2009

    So what is it you think should be done?
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  15. Overlord

    Overlord Advocate (665) California Jun 28, 2007

    Never has a "pics or gtfo" comment been more warranted. However, I will refrain from engaging in such tomfoolery.
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  16. Overlord

    Overlord Advocate (665) California Jun 28, 2007

    1.)Remove all moderation except for the following: posts that advocate serious lawbreaking such as violence, posts that reveal personal information about users, and obvious spam/advertising. Repeating the same thing over and over again without entertaining us constitutes spam.

    2.)Create a "miscellaneous"/"catch-all" forum. If a thread doesn't belong where it's posted, rather than being summarily wished into the cornfield it is moved there. Off-topic stuff goes there.

    3.)To oversee the transition of what sure is to be a chaotic and exciting time, appoint me as Supreme Chancellor with authority to nullify and/or approve trade offers. When this time of crisis has passed, I assure all of you that I will happily step down.
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  17. Czar_chasm

    Czar_chasm Savant (390) Michigan Jun 20, 2012 Verified

    overlord killin it
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  18. Pahn

    Pahn Champion (815) New York Dec 2, 2009 Verified

    terrible idea that would just encourage more stupidity from Wannabe Forum Heroes outside of the off-topic section. flood of unfunny in-jokes pervading the entire site.
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  19. Feel free not to click on that forum?
    They can set it up so it doesn't feed into the "new posts" and you have to click on that forum to view new posts.
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  20. Overlord

    Overlord Advocate (665) California Jun 28, 2007

    I am sorry that you are so terribly afraid that you will give in to temptation and CLICK ON A LINK THAT YOU CAN EASILY AVOID that the rest of us must go without, but ... actually wait, I'm not sorry at all. DON'T CLICK ON STUFF THAT DOESN'T INTEREST YOU.
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  21. Rempo

    Rempo Initiate (0) Indiana Jan 18, 2010

    You're missing his point. The jokes here aren't funny enough.
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  22. cavedave

    cavedave Poobah (1,060) New York Mar 12, 2009 Verified

    That's true. The unquoted part, and this part above.

    I remember watching crazy offers get attaboys, and there was discussion about them, in *gasp* the trade thread. and it was a drama on the board that was a part of it. For every "yo bro that won't get done, you are stupid" there was a big offer looking for a trade, something that also requires a lot of bumps. Who remembers that huge treyrab trade? It got bumped til it completed.

    We remember because it was dramatic, it was a part of what we enjoyed about trading, seeing those get made. Or when shogo decided to rebel against the ebay mentality, and offered nothing for a whale. And made the trade.
    Do people act like idiots sometimes? Is this a website of adults? Does alcohol play a role in things sometimes?

    Geepers sometimes I feel like my kids know more about computers than me, but it still cracks me up how thin skinned young folks are, and us old fart AOL 3.0 vets have such an easy attitude about it. Forums were forums back then this ain't shit. That said, younguns is the demographic to be catered to by this site, and the craft beer industry in general, so there you have ebay mentality and no replies in the ISO. Good or bad, tis whatit tis
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  23. BobZ

    BobZ Advocate (600) Massachusetts Jun 24, 2009

    For over a thousand generations, the Trade Police were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Forum. Before the dark times... before the Empire!

    True Dat (just more unfunny crap:oops:)
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  24. RC0032

    RC0032 Aficionado (240) Illinois Mar 10, 2009 Verified

    Would the forum be any fun without drama? What would we talk about at tastings?
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  25. Pahn

    Pahn Champion (815) New York Dec 2, 2009 Verified

    you missed the point. if i could just avoid


    i would. but terrible jokes and forum personalities will develop within that topic and others, and they will spread like herpes to beer talk, ISO:FT, etc.

    you can't find another forum for random chat? really?
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  26. I do this already, inside jokes with people from private convo's that bring the lulz. you mad?
  27. DrAwkward82

    DrAwkward82 Savant (315) California Apr 16, 2005

    I like the fact that the trade forum no longer allows replies. Some BAs seem to find it terribly hard to come to terms with the fact the BeerAdvocate is not reddit or 4chan.
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  28. Overlord

    Overlord Advocate (665) California Jun 28, 2007

    You fear a disease, but the cure is even worse. We need to bring balance to the site.
  29. Overlord

    Overlord Advocate (665) California Jun 28, 2007

    I totally get your point. Isn't it just horrible when people, instead of communicating directly, use facetious/sarcastic/humorous ways to convey their message? It's just so miserable. There's this discussion about a GQ article on the "five best beer cities" on the main page, and this one guy just comes in with a random, all-caps, obvious joke message that really doesn't contribute to the discussion.


    Oh wait, it was kind of funny, even though it was off topic and a bit "4chan-nish." I like that kind of stuff. Maybe I should tolerate it in other forums as well.
  30. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2009

    Two points of fact, neither of which are "funny".

    One - I need Overlord to write my next speech to my trainees, really regardless of topic.

    Two - Still not sure that the "bumping" is a legitimate reason to not allow replies as that could easily be changed by keeping the order by creation date vs latest post.

    I miss replies, yes of course I miss teh funnies, but also think it provided knowledge to some (see any of the hundred or so posts I have made on this in the past).

    PS I promise to name my next child Veritas 004 if anyone wants to help a brother out!
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  31. DrAwkward82

    DrAwkward82 Savant (315) California Apr 16, 2005

    You missed the point: it's okay when I do it. :oops:
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  32. Overlord

    Overlord Advocate (665) California Jun 28, 2007

  33. F.U.C.T. 4 LIFE
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  34. kmello69

    kmello69 Advocate (645) Texas Nov 27, 2011 Verified

    My last name begins with an "M", in case you were wondering.....

    In all seriousness, i dont trade from here, because I have a few non-BA buddies across the country I trade with regularly, but from an outside perspective the trade forum seems to be becoming more like ebay - lots of people now seem to want to field offers, rather than be specific about what they're looking for. Blah.
  35. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2009

    Yeah it is becoming more and more blatant, but that is to be expected and almost seems like what most of the people WANT around here. Sure you can send those people convo's but it is pointless as they know full well what they are doing. Reporting "auctions" works sometimes but not always, so whatever, the masses have spoken.....and won.
  36. Not that it could have been prevented if replies were allowed in the forums, but I recently bm'd someone regarding some FBS. Their first response was, "yes, Im still open to trade, make me an offer". Knowing where this was going (and anticipating the response), I decided to play along. I offered exactly what they posted in the thread, as I thought it was a totally fair trade. After reading my BM, A couple hours later they replied that they had received a better offer. Which was nearly half of what he had actually listed in the posting.

    These styles of posts, people lying about the cost of bottles (while trying to trade $4$), and other shenanigans are starting to be quite commonplace since the inability to reply. Just my experiences.

    edit: posts that I have seen people lying about the cost of bottles were reported for the very reason, and were eventually deleted. Unfortunately, the person learned, and no longer posts the price in the threads. I'm pretty sure he is still doing it via bm though.
  37. Patrick

    Patrick Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 13, 2007

    Posts like this have always existed, at least in my experience.
  38. You are absolutely correct. They have, but with a lot less frequency.
    Sure, you can BM the user, but if they are knowingly "one upping" others, they are going to do nothing about it. Maybe chuckle, delete the BM, and continue about their business.
  39. Patrick

    Patrick Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 13, 2007

    I demand evidence.
  40. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2009

    Indeed they have, and perhaps I am just bitter and jaded, but man they really seem more common as of late.

    The last three times I replied to a person's ISO:FT that I haven't traded with before (or "knew") after offering EXACTLY what they said they wanted I was promptly told I have to pony up more if I want the deal. Two of those three later PM'd back stating they would now accept (meaning they milked the prior cow too much and chaffed a teet) and I politely declined stating I don't do business with terrorists or douchebags.
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