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Anyone trying for Westy next week?

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by LiquidCourage, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. kingcrowing

    kingcrowing Advocate (550) Vermont Mar 24, 2009

    I've had them as old as 15 years old and it was still good, they'll hold up for a very long time if stored properly.
  2. emannths

    emannths Savant (400) Massachusetts Sep 21, 2007

    I'm sure Meadhall would find a use for them, at a ~$10 price point.

    EDNOSE Aficionado (245) Connecticut Oct 27, 2007

    Interestingly, I am pretty sure the brick or the bottles say "don't age" right on them. Thanks to Thijs I got them last year and was surprised by that considering "what everyone says". That said, I've got two aging and will probably share them at the Holidays.

    I don't think I'd pay for the beer again. I really enjoyed the ones I've had so far, but the price I piad (and this will be) makes it probably a once in a lifetime event (until I go back to Belgium).
  4. Porkhustle

    Porkhustle Initiate (0) Dec 6, 2012

    I've come to the conclusion that you are an angry man.
  5. I've come to the conclusion that you've been here for only 24 hours and are incorrectly trying to discern emotion out of a level headed discussion over the pros and cons of the Westy bricks.
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  6. I hope everyone avoids Julios so I can get as many 6 packs as I want.
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  7. The gift boxes were just released in Vancouver, selling for $65-70! Not sure why everyone in the US is saying there was a mandate to sell them at $85? There's no way stores here are losing $20 a pack on purpose. Works out to less than $10 a bottle if you include the glasses at $5each. I bought 2 :D
  8. ptrc

    ptrc Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 26, 2011

    Different deal with a different importer, maybe?
  9. davey101

    davey101 Initiate (0) Connecticut Apr 14, 2009

    Nope. I'd rather have 12 bottles of BCBS.
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  10. I'd have 12 BCBS too if they weren't $20 each at the only place I've ever seen them for sale :p
  11. davey101

    davey101 Initiate (0) Connecticut Apr 14, 2009

    Thats robbery! Four packs are just north of $20....

    Sorry Canada :(
  12. evilc

    evilc Initiate (0) California Jan 27, 2012

    Mine is the exact opposite of yours.
  13. Porkhustle

    Porkhustle Initiate (0) Dec 6, 2012

    Nope. You're angry
  14. For anyone who cares, the glasses are pretty much exactly 250ml filled right to the top with water.
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  15. Still no chance....

    Thnx Thijs!! ;)
  16. I declined my brick at the cbc. I'd rather buy more bcbs or a few Christmas gift sets.
  17. I think Westy will either fly of the shelves or will sit there for six months.

    All I know is that I am prepared to purchase every box I see.
  18. jomobono

    jomobono Savant (400) Massachusetts Mar 12, 2012

    Do you think it is overrated?
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  19. Touche.

    I took at trip to Belgium this past May and made my way out to Westveletern. After a 2 hour train ride from Brussels and a two hour bike ride (we got lost) I proclaimed it to be the best beer I ever had. I ended up having 7 of them in three hours and crashed my bike several times on the way back.

    However, was I biased because of how far I traveled? Very possibly. This is why I hope I score some next week and put this to bed.
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  20. jomobono

    jomobono Savant (400) Massachusetts Mar 12, 2012

    That sounds awesome, hope to make the trip myself someday. If you like trips then make the one 3 hours north and try some more HF.
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  21. LambicKing

    LambicKing Advocate (650) Florida Apr 13, 2011

    IIRC, Thijs mentioned the Westvleteren XIIs weren't produced to the same quality standard as the regular 12s. Something about the abbey needed to pump out the bricks in a hurry and shortened some part of the process...ultimately affecting quality. I have yet to break up my brick, so I can't yet say one way or another.
  22. I'll be heading to Waterbury in March for more Heady Topper. I have the same agreement with my friend. We head to the Prohibition Pig and get HF on draft. If we are blown away by the beer, we'll keep driving north. If not, we'll head back to RI. This past summer we went south. Trust me, I'd love to have a reason to keep driving north.
  23. Have you had regular 12? I'd be curious to actually put a XII next to a 12.
  24. LambicKing

    LambicKing Advocate (650) Florida Apr 13, 2011

    Yes...about 10 times in all so far. I'm curious as well. IMO the 12 is best with a year+ on it...will be interesting to see if the same goes for XII.
  25. These XII have a year on them as they were ready for sale in August of 2011. I guess we'll have to taste for ourselves next week. At $85 a pop, they better be DAM good.
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  26. jomobono

    jomobono Savant (400) Massachusetts Mar 12, 2012

    See my reply in the HF overrated thread.
  27. The one where you cant live without it?

    Trust me, I'd love have that feeling. I didnt have it in August. We'll see what happens in March.
  28. jomobono

    jomobono Savant (400) Massachusetts Mar 12, 2012

    No just wrote a new comment, didn't want to hijack this thread with HF talk.
  29. Sesmu

    Sesmu Savant (290) Massachusetts Feb 28, 2007

    is this real information, I mean, with some substance behind it? Or somebody's assumption?
  30. UncleJimbo

    UncleJimbo Site Editor (955) Massachusetts Sep 11, 2002 Staff Member

    Just assumptions. I have had as many people in Belgium tell me the XIIs are as good as the 12s, as have told me that they are not as good.
  31. UncleJimbo

    UncleJimbo Site Editor (955) Massachusetts Sep 11, 2002 Staff Member

    IMO, they taste best with 1-2 years aging. They are still great for decades longer.

    You won't know how old the bottles are in the brick until you look at the "best by" date(s) stamped on the caps (the date will be 3 years from the bottling date in the format dd-mm-yy). In bricks I have seen, not all the bottles are necessarily from the same bottling date.
  32. i didn't think the XXII tasted the same. my experience is limited, but i was immediately struck that it seemed different from what i had come to expect.
  33. LambicKing

    LambicKing Advocate (650) Florida Apr 13, 2011

    For the life of me, I can't find Thijs' comments on the subject. I read another thread this morning where a guy did a side-by-side and stated they don't taste the same, but he didn't say which one was better.
  34. LambicKing

    LambicKing Advocate (650) Florida Apr 13, 2011

    Not an assumption on my part. Only passing along information I've read in others' posts.
  35. Well, we'll find out after December 12th. There should be a large influx of ratings for Westvleteren 12, and if it is indeed true the quality has suffered in the XII, it should be reflected in the reviews/ratings.
  36. UncleJimbo

    UncleJimbo Site Editor (955) Massachusetts Sep 11, 2002 Staff Member

    More likely the bottles will be too young, and hence the reviews will be slightly lower in score.
  37. One of the above posts mentioned they were bottled August 2011. Should be over a year on them. Still too young?

    I'm personally sitting on a 2 year old bottle now, I was going to wait until 3 years..........I've never tried Westvleteren 12 (and this is from Brussels, it's not the XII).
  38. Why would you sit on a bottle of something you've never had before? How would you know it improved or changed at all?
  39. Why would you drink it right away? How would you know if it would have improved?
  40. Knifestyles

    Knifestyles Savant (455) New York Jun 7, 2005

    ....because aging a beer doesn't necessarily mean that it will improve....just that it might suit your tastes better if you did.

    Now, how would you know what your preference actually is if you've never had it?

    A real head-scratcher, right?

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