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Arkansas Beer?

Discussion in 'US - South' started by yepitscj, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. yepitscj

    yepitscj Initiate (20) Oct 3, 2012

    Gonna be flying into Littlle Rock and heading up to the Ozarks for a week, any suggestions on breweries to fill a couple growlers for the road trip up to the hills?
  2. There is only one bottling brewery in Arkansas, Diamond Bear. Their porter and Ofest are pretty good. I don't know about growlers in Little Rock, but I do know you can get them filled from brew pubs on Sundays when regular liquor stores are closed. Will you be making your way to the Fayetteville area at all?
  3. yepitscj

    yepitscj Initiate (20) Oct 3, 2012

    There are other breweries in Fayetteville right? I thought I saw them online. Thanks for the info, I checked out the Diamond Bear website. Gonna go have a beer when I arrive on a Monday afternoon...
  4. seth72104

    seth72104 Aficionado (205) Missouri Aug 15, 2009

    Check out Tanglewood Branch in Fayetteville, nice little brewpub with some pretty good sandwiches. Where in the Ozarks are you going to be?
  5. HopHead870

    HopHead870 Disciple (65) Arkansas Feb 12, 2009

    If you're looking to get some growlers I would recommend Fossil Cove brewery on Poplar St. and West Mountain on the town square. I'm honestly not as impressed with Tanglewood beer relative to those two
  6. Redrover

    Redrover Champion (775) Illinois Jan 18, 2003

  7. There certainly are other brewers in the state. They are just brew pubs though and you would have to visit each separately. Check out the Fayetteville places page, they list a few more that I can't recall at the moment. There is also a new brew pub called the Willie James in Springdale that is worth a visit. As far as bottle shops go, Macadoodles in Springdale is great and Liquor World in Fayettville is good too.
  8. yepitscj

    yepitscj Initiate (20) Oct 3, 2012

    Heading up to a Halloween Harvest Party near Mount Pleasant. It's pretty remote and a ways off of the 65 around the town of Marshall. I am sure that I have to get some beer long before we head up the mountain. Thanks for all the info people, I have only driven through Arkansas and that was 10 years ago. Gettin stoked on some Holler time!
  9. rtrasr

    rtrasr Savant (375) Arkansas Feb 16, 2009

    I believe Core Brewing is going to botting soon.