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Belgium Armand and Tommy in Belgium?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by jleblanc, May 16, 2013.

  1. jleblanc

    jleblanc Aficionado (145) Massachusetts Feb 23, 2012 Beer Trader

    I'll be in Belgium next week and I'm hoping to track down some 3F Armand and Tommy blend. Does anyone know any stores or bars that I could consume or procure this beer at?
  2. Dennoman

    Dennoman Advocate (525) Belgium Aug 20, 2011

    Common in any other part of the world, rare as hen's teeth here. It's funny how that works.

    Definitely no shops that stock it. You can probably have it at the more highly esteemed geuze/lambic places. Verzekering, Heeren, Circus, ... something along those lines.
  3. DimensionX

    DimensionX Savant (335) Oregon Oct 1, 2010

  4. Dennoman

    Dennoman Advocate (525) Belgium Aug 20, 2011

    Armand 4 =/= Armand & Tommy :)

    A&T was released at the Sour & Bitter pre-festival dinner at Copenhagen last year, together with Framboos. It was completely and utterly overshadowed by the latter, because more of them were produced. There was also the lore behind the Framboos, because the Danes had apparently been bothering Armand about it every since he discontinued it from his basic line-up in 1999.

    Armand & Tommy has now been released in Canada (Québec) that I know of, and is supposedly fairly accessible in the New York area. I've spotted (and bought) it on a French webshop, and I got the last bottles there. I still know of a place in the UK that has them, but other than that I'm stumped. Would love to have a few now too, I'm fresh out myself and can't find it here.
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  5. jleblanc

    jleblanc Aficionado (145) Massachusetts Feb 23, 2012 Beer Trader

    Dennis, thanks for the info man. Jeez, it sounds like I should have booked tickets to Denmark instead, sounds like Belgium is dry of all the good lambics! Oh well, I will drown my sorrows in Jupiler and Leffe
  6. Dennoman

    Dennoman Advocate (525) Belgium Aug 20, 2011

    No prob :) But hey, at least you can score some 50N at the brewery! See you in Antwerp! :)
  7. trevorjk

    trevorjk Savant (365) Netherlands Aug 28, 2009 Beer Trader

    mmm jupiler and leffe :p
  8. Yup, no good lambics in Belgium. Crap... if it wasn't for people like Dennis I wouldn't even go there.
  9. youbrewidrink

    youbrewidrink Advocate (720) Vermont Apr 9, 2009 Beer Trader

    When I come over for Borefts I am going to bring you a new set of tastebuds:D
  10. tom10101

    tom10101 Savant (490) Quebec (Canada) Nov 21, 2010 Beer Trader

    There's was no Armand & Tommy in Québec. Up to now, Alberta has been the only province to get it (105 cases), but Ontario should get the same amount soon.
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  11. mulder1010

    mulder1010 Advocate (615) Australia Aug 29, 2008

    Still on the shelves in Australia. Lucky us:)
  12. This is news to me... Where did you hear this?