Europe ArtBeerFest - Caminha, Portugal

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  1. The ArtBeerFest is a beer showcase which will be held in Caminha, Portugal from the 11th to the 14th of July.

    ArtBeerFest is all about enjoying the culture of beer and showing the best brewers and craft beers in Portugal and Spain.

    Some of the craft beers that will be present are:
    This list is not closed yet, more developments are on the way.

    After ArtBeerFest it'll take place ArtBeerPRO. ArtBeerPRO is a networking event to beer entrepeneurs, master brewers and shop owners. It'll also include other showcases, beer contests and conferences about brewing and building a business around beer. Limited access to 100 people. ArtBeerFest is open to everyone and entrance is free.
  2. The ArtBeerFest organization just released some news on new craft beers for the showcase on their Facebook.

    Cerveja Amphora will be heading to Caminha and they'll take their 3 types of beer on the making: Bracara, Avgvsta and Rvber.