Attempting to save a 'wild' brew

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  1. I tried NB's Berlinerweisse kit at the end of last summer (August, 2012). It's my first 'wild' beer (intentionally, anyway) and due to a host of personal/family issues, the beer never got racked out of the primary. I tasted it about 3 months back and it was down to around 1.010 in September from 1.031 and tasted like Brett B and nothing else. Don't get me wrong, I love Brett beers, but with an abv of 2.77% and nothing but extra light extract and maybe a hint of carapils (I can't remember if there was carapils of the top of my head) it was one-dimensional in the extreme. I'm going to bust this open today and taste it again. I'm thinking it might be TOTALLY ruined (c'mon, a 5.5 month primary?) but if it's not, I wondered if I could rack this into a secondary fermentor, add 8oz. of extra-dark Belgian candi-syrup and 5-6 lbs of raspberries to try to make this a BIT more interesting. Is this utter folly, or might it work? If so, how long would I let it sit and when might I need to add a touch of lactic acid or pectic enzyme to get this to sour a bit and clear? Should I just toss the whole thing out? Any advice would be most welcome!
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    Don't toss it.

    Did the beer kit come with Lacto? Sour wort before boil? Vial of Lactic Acid? How is it supposed to be sour?

    5.5 month primary on Brett isn't bad, the Brett will feast on any dead yeast and make more funk.
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    5 or 6 pounds of raspberries around here would run like $25-35 depending on the day. I'd get a growler out and add one of those 6 oz do-jobs of raspberries. See if this actually saves your beer. I have a feeling it wil make it less one dimensional, but it won't change the fact that you have a dud. As said above, I'd also follow through with it and see if it changes over time.
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    BTW I couldn't figure out how to use the term "beer wrangler" above for your wild brew. I'm very disappointed.