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Aurora (or nearby) - Bars/Resturants?

Discussion in 'Mountain' started by bditty187, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. bditty187

    bditty187 Champion (780) Nebraska Jul 10, 2002

    I am in Aurora for one night. Looking for either a killer beer bar or a fun resturant with good food and atleast decent beer? I've searched beerfly and yelp and haven't found much. If nothing else, what are some really good resturants?

    I am planning on hitting Dry Dock but I have nothing else planned so any help would be great?
  2. You might check out Copper Kettle which is technically in Denver but very close to Aurora (~10 minutes from Dry Dock). Their Mexican Chocolate Stout is very good. Otherwise, I'd probably just spend the evening at Dry Dock. There's a couple of Old Chicago's in Aurora that will have some decent taps but I can't think of any must-stop restaurants in Aurora (though I'm sure there are some).
  3. drumrboy22

    drumrboy22 Advocate (530) Colorado Jul 22, 2005 Verified

    Dry Dock and Royal Hilltop would be my suggestions. Dry Dock has no food, but you can bring in food or order take out from many nearby restaurants. Royal Hilltop has good food and good beer. BJ's has pretty good food and some decent beer selections.
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  4. Yeah - if you are going to be near Dry Dock then Royal Hilltop will be the bar you are looking for. If you are further south in Aurora then you could try Maggie Smiths.
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  5. bditty187

    bditty187 Champion (780) Nebraska Jul 10, 2002

    Thanks for the info, it would seem wisest to order in food to Dry Dock, Wing Hut and RevneD seem popular/good...
  6. drumrboy22

    drumrboy22 Advocate (530) Colorado Jul 22, 2005 Verified

    Yeah, revned is 4 doors down in the same strip mall and the wing hut is diagonal to dry dock. Either is a safe bet. If you're feeling frisky, las hadas has some good Mexican and is 4 doors the other direction.
  7. Domingo

    Domingo Poobah (1,085) Colorado Apr 23, 2005 Verified Subscriber

    I know the DD crew seems to love Las Hadas, but man...I must be ordering the wrong things. After a few beers it always sounds good, but I always seem to leave disappointed. Especially with better Mexican places around.
    Golden Wok's got some pretty good Chinese, although service can be a little spotty and it isn't exactly the best beer pairing cuisine.
    The Hilltop is just down the street and worth the trek, IMO. For a random bar & grill in a strip mall they have some crazy taps and pretty good food, too.
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