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Aventinus versus Aventinus Tap 6?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by rocdoc1, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. rocdoc1

    rocdoc1 Savant (460) New Mexico Jan 13, 2006

    According to ratebeer they are the same, and I didn't notice any significant difference in taste or appearance. Are they the same beer and if so why the strange name change?
  2. I think its the name. For some reason Schneider has been naming their beers with a numbered tap recently. I noticed it too.
  3. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Advocate (625) Ohio Jul 4, 2008

    I'm not sure what the difference is either and Aventinus is probably my favorite beer ever. I know the Eisbock version is definitely ramped up abv wise and I don't like it as well as the standard version as I find this brew to be like nothing else I've ever had, it stands alone.
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  4. stayclean

    stayclean Savant (370) Wisconsin Mar 17, 2012

    It's the same, just a new name and shitty label.
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  5. rocdoc1

    rocdoc1 Savant (460) New Mexico Jan 13, 2006

    I'd never seen the Eisbock before but last month a friend told me to help myself to whatever he had in the beer fridge so when I saw that lovely purple 12 oz bottle way in the back I grabbed it. Imagine my surprise when that 12% ABV hit my throat when I was expecting Aventinus.
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  6. They renamed and updated labels for all their beers, I think the edel-weisse is tap 4 and don't remember the rest. I sell Schneider products where i live and started noticing the new boxes bottles were being shipped in and new labels a month or so ago. Looks like they tried to make everything more shiny/modern, I am not really a fan of the new packaging.
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  7. Does anyone know why they have decided to include the Tap designations on bottled beers?
  8. Brunite

    Brunite Savant (430) Illinois Sep 21, 2009

    Schneider guys......."New Coke" ring a bell?

    Why mess with perfection? The stuff inside may be the same but that bottle was da bomb.
  9. jesskidden

    jesskidden Champion (810) New Jersey Aug 10, 2005 Subscriber

    (15 page Word document)​
  10. This from the rep:
    Dear Kelly,
    We had a label change in Europe three years ago, in North America in 2012.
    The fully purple label has been discontinued. TAP6 is the Aventinus and it still has this name "Aventinus“
    Only the number has been added.
    TAP7 is the Original.
    The beers have not changed at all.
    Best regards.
    Susanne Hecht

    Funny that the new label has a lower ABV than the purple label.
  11. 12% Purple Label
    8% White Label
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  12. Susanne cleared it up:

    Hi Kelly,
    Oh, you mean the Aventinus and the Aventinus Eisbock.
    Let me explain:
    The Aventinus Eisbock is still in a purple label. The content of the bottle is 330 mL.
    The Aventinus is in a 500 mL bottle and the label is a little more white, has the Schneider Logo and the name if the beer is Aventinus - whereas the other one is Aventinus Eisbock.
    The Eisbock is made from the Aventinus. We put the Aventinus into a tank and freeze the walls. Thus, part of the water comes out from the beer and freezes to the walls. So, we get a concentrate of the Aventinus, which is more complex in aroma and stronger. Thus, the difference in alcohol. The Aventinus has 8,2% and the Eisbock 12%
    enjoy them both, cheers!

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  13. rocdoc1

    rocdoc1 Savant (460) New Mexico Jan 13, 2006

    I reached deep into a friends fridge for the last beer of the evening a couple of months ago to grab a small bottle of Aventinus. Took a big swallow and almost choked-it was the Eisbock and the purple label fooled me.
  14. Truly amazing stuff here !!!
    I love it all
  15. woemad

    woemad Poobah (1,205) Washington Jun 8, 2003 Beer Trader

    Not a fan of the new packaging. I thought the old label was rather iconic.
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  16. As per my avatar, I am not a fan of the new label and agree with woemad - the old label was instantly noticeable and stood out from everything else. Now I have to pick up the bottle and double check to make sure I am indeed getting Aventinus and not something else.
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  17. Agreed. I was in the store today and like you, had to double check I was getting the good stuff.
  18. AmitC

    AmitC Advocate (630) New York Sep 21, 2012

    I had Aventinus weizenbock purple label at 8.2%. I thought it was fantastic and looked fabulous in the Weihenstephan glass i poured it into. Never had Eisbock. I am planing to buy it soon.
  19. Yes, the new label is absolutely terrible, not because the label itself is terrible, because it is only bad, but because the previous label was so nice, and meaningful, and seemingly important. The new label is bad, which is absolutely terrible in comparison to what it was. Should I continue to repeat myself? I was disappointed and wouldn't feel too bad about wiping my butt with the new label. The new label looks like something from a brewery trying to make a name for themselves, whereas the old label looked like something from a brewery that had established themselves and had gathered credibility; fire everyone who developed the new label and throw rocks at them, I am angry that the label was downgraded and stripped of it's portrait. #$%&! BIG MISTAKE SCHNEIDER! Also, all of your new labels look terrible.
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  20. Would I rather look at a portrait of the Mona Lisa or a piece of paper that has the statement "Mona Lisa" written on it? WTF, of course I would rather look at the portrait! I know beer isn't about the label, but in a world of so much beer and people who are new to beer and think about whatever is in front of them, or those of us who appreciate art, it's a good idea to put something in front of them/us that doesn't look like (derogatory words and phrases that are unjust to those who are subject to derogatory words and phrases, and thus are unspeakable words). BOB SAGET!
  21. That sounds like a pleasant surprise!
  22. Why would you almost choke on something so delicious? That eisbock is nectar and I'm a hummingbid.
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  23. Domingo

    Domingo Poobah (1,145) Colorado Apr 23, 2005 Subscriber Beer Trader

    I think the problem with the new label isn't that it looks "bad" but more that it looks too similar to their other beers. A lot of stores keep all of the beers from one brewer on a shelf, and those new Schneider labels require you to be pretty careful with what you grab since it could be anything from Hopfenweisse to Aventinus, to normal Weiss.
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  24. rocdoc1

    rocdoc1 Savant (460) New Mexico Jan 13, 2006

    If it hadn't been midnight, and I had expected it it would have been great, I was just happy to have found what I thought was a small bottle of one of my all time favorite beers. I drink high ABV beers rarely these days, mostly for special occasions shared with other people. Domingo is spot on about the label similarities, they really should be more distinctive for each type of beer.
  25. Gutes_Bier

    Gutes_Bier Advocate (525) Germany Jul 31, 2011

    FWIW, and I realize this info comes too late, but here in Germany the Tap 6 is in 500 ml bottles and the Eisbock is in 330 ml bottles. Each bottle has a TAP #, so just I think even just a quick look is enough to differentiate the various beers. In any case, you're getting something good!
  26. You could hand me a hollowed-out bull testicle with a picture of a monkey humping a doorknob on it... If it has Aventinus inside of it, it's all good by me.
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  27. johnnieoz

    johnnieoz Savant (315) Hawaii Feb 11, 2005 Subscriber

    Picked up a bottle of Aventinus Weizenbock 500ml at Specs in Austin, TX this past December. It had the classic purple label, the store also had bottles w/ the much less appealing white Tap 6 labels. I was confused since I had only seen Tap 6 for months, esp in California from where we just moved. The beer dude at the Specs said the Purple label ones had come in more recently, and we both wondered if Schneider was going "retro" or pulling a Coke Classic reversal. But the bottling date is 12 126, so I assume May 26th, 2012 per the Julian calendar. Again, a bit odd since others have posted older beers with the Tap labels. Maybe it's time to hoard...[​IMG]
  28. johnnieoz

    johnnieoz Savant (315) Hawaii Feb 11, 2005 Subscriber

    As for it being the same beer, not all would agree it seems: http://www.billsbooze.com/?p=452
  29. Domingo

    Domingo Poobah (1,145) Colorado Apr 23, 2005 Subscriber Beer Trader

    I'd be curious to know how old the purple labeled bottle was. Aventinus holds up for years, and often times the stuff you see on the shelf has been there that long. Plus, since it's unfiltered, getting the yeast at the bottom moving can definitely change the look and flavor.
    I'm not doubting him, but I know that Schneider has been using the "Tap" designations elsewhere for years, they say it's the same, and it seems odd that they'd change something they're known for so randomly.
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  30. I've heard both sides of this story but I too think they're one in the same beer. Just wish the whole Tap labelling system would die a death. Its hideously generic and strips Aventinus of the majestic status it deserves. Think someone should start a campaign. Maybe on twitter...
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  31. myogart

    myogart Initiate (10) Feb 4, 2014

    I've been a huge fan of the purple label for years. It's on tap at Schneiders in NYC.
    Just tried the white label .., much different in percentage, and flavor.
    Not a big fan of the white.
  32. myogart

    myogart Initiate (10) Feb 4, 2014

    Hey, guess what! You can go to their website and just read the difference between the two completely different brews. Go figure.
  33. lewisti

    lewisti Savant (325) Connecticut Nov 7, 2001

    IMO for this great beer as long as it gets here unspoiled and relatively fresh they could put any label on it they want...still will never beat the one I had on tap in the official bell mouth glass at Weinhaus Schneider in Munich
  34. Domingo

    Domingo Poobah (1,145) Colorado Apr 23, 2005 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Wow...crazy to see this thread pop back up.
    I still like the older labels better than the new ones. They stood out in a world of similar looking bottles...although in Germany the newer ones might actually stand out more. Maybe that plays a role?
    The Weissesbrauhaus might be the only place in Bavaria where I've actually had (intentionally) aged beers. This past summer I ordered an Aventinus Eisbock and it was a whopping 4 years old. While a little hot when it's fresher, oxidation doesn't really do it any favors IMO.
  35. dcmchew

    dcmchew Advocate (600) Romania Oct 22, 2013

    I'm fairly sure that they changed the old purple Aventinus label to the TAP one. If you find the ones with the old purple label at a fair price, you should buy (and stock on) them, they're probably at least 2 years old. They recently started wrapping their 2008 brewed Aventinus nicely and selling it at a bigger price, but there's lots of bottles just sitting on shelves in shops.
  36. steveh

    steveh Champion (970) Illinois Oct 8, 2003

    I thought this exact same thing about the Eisbock. To me, Aventinus is smoother, less earthy and card-board-like.
  37. Yep, that's a sipper and warmer doesn't hurt at all. A beautiful nightcap for sure, whether you meant it to be or not!! Cheers. I do like the fresher non-aged versions btw.
  38. Eisbock will whup your ass. Both beers are fantastic regardless of labeling issues. Makes for a great dessert.