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Avery Brewing - Momi Hiwa: Barrel-Aged Coconut Porter

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by BottleCaps80, May 30, 2013.

  1. Ok, so this may not be the flavor combo I'd make. However, the more I try, the more I go after different and this is surely different. I'll be seeking this one out.
  2. loafinaround

    loafinaround Savant (380) New York Jul 16, 2011

    I am going to file this one in my mind under "yet another coconut porter/stout I will never get the opportunity to taste"
    #1 in that file is coconut speedway stout. I'm super fucking envious of any lucky bastard who got that one.
  3. opwog

    opwog Advocate (605) Minnesota Jun 16, 2008

    Did anybody else notice that those posts bashing Adam Avery, from that guy who works at that Philly beer bar who is hosting Adam Avery, all suddenly disappeared? I don't think that users can remove their posts once they pass the editing window, which is quite short. I wonder what happened here.
  4. evilcatfish

    evilcatfish Advocate (635) Missouri May 11, 2012

    Really hope a few cases make it to Missouri
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  5. pinnser

    pinnser Savant (270) Colorado Nov 2, 2012

    Anyone know how quickly these bottles will go? I'm actually doing a white water tubing and brewery tour earlier in the day, and won't be able to make it to Avery until a little later in the afternoon. Just wondering if I need to take my tube on a little detour.
  6. SourAddict

    SourAddict Savant (300) Wisconsin Jun 18, 2012

    I will be in town for this from WI if anyone wants to trade me some WWBV or other WWB series for some BCBS, KBS or other Midwest locals (Central Waters New Glarus).
  7. Ricelikesbeer

    Ricelikesbeer Savant (370) Colorado Nov 29, 2006

    Awesome, I love when Avery uses their rum barrels for huge beers! They nail these every freakin time!
  8. Except infected Black Tot. That was gross.
  9. Infinite1

    Infinite1 Savant (360) Illinois Jul 2, 2010

    This sounds so good that I want to drink like a 6er right now
  10. BottleCaps80

    BottleCaps80 Advocate (660) Iowa Jan 12, 2013

    More news on this release, via *blocked*. The bolded/underlined makes it seem like there will be no distribution. :(
  11. FTowne

    FTowne Initiate (0) Missouri Jan 27, 2012

    Well, fuck me. :mad:
  12. That sucks.
  13. boo urns. I want some bad.
  14. fritts211

    fritts211 Savant (320) Tennessee Feb 19, 2011

  15. FW16 has a huge tequila barrel element. Incredible stuff
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  16. opwog

    opwog Advocate (605) Minnesota Jun 16, 2008

    Actually, that was specifically one of the beers that I was thinking about that I felt was ruined by the tequila barrel aging. And I am a huge fan and have multiples on all the FW anniversary beers, but after having some on tap and some from a bottle share, I honestly felt that beer didn't have anywhere to benefit from aging because the tequila made it so hot and kind of tweaked the mouthfeel. And at the time that I first had it, I wasn't aware of that specific part of the blend. But as soon as I tasted FW16, the first thing that I thought was rum barrel (only because it is more common) and then discovered that it was tequila (also worth noting I am a huge tequila drinker, so there is nothing inherent to tequila that would offend my palate).

    The other tequila aged beer that I thought totally sucked was Zapata Bot from NEBCO.
  17. Damn, I'd like to get a bottle of this if only so I could compare it side-by-side with the NoDa Imperial Coco Loco that is being aged in a New Holland Rum barrel.
  18. This thread caused me to run to my local market and buy a mounds bar. The idea that I will never try this beer is very depressing!. I really just want to soak my brownies in this and top them with coconut.....* drool*
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  19. Speaking with Jeffers, (BarrelWorks god), he was mentioning that they consider 16 to be there Bordeaux. And will age better and more gracefully than the rest of the Anniversaries. Maybe they were thinking ahead and a revisit is due in a couple years.
  20. quindog

    quindog Aficionado (245) Colorado Mar 11, 2010

    Here is the correct label, at least according to the email I got from them

    Barrel-Aged Series Release #15

    Momi Hiwa

    We just can't wait! The day after Boulder SourFest, on Sunday, June 9th, 5pm, bottle sales begin of
    Momi Hiwa! This 17% alc/vol porter was lovingly dosed with hand-toasted coconut and aged in dark rum barrels for 6 months. We can only guarantee availability at the Avery Tap Room on release day so get here early for your chance. Bottles are $10 each (cash only!) with a bottle limit of 12 per person.
    This isn't just a dessert beer, it IS dessert!!
  21. opwog

    opwog Advocate (605) Minnesota Jun 16, 2008

    Yeah...let me know how that works out for you. After paying for a glass and then doing a bottle share, I wasn't about to sink another penny into that release It isn't unusual for epic failures to be spun as being misunderstood or to say that history will prove them to be better. I guess that I am now supposed to believe that FW16 is the George W. Bush of the Firestone releases. Sorry, I didn't buy that from Karl Rove and I am not buying it from Jeffers about this beer. The anniversary releases from X to XV were amazing and one of the few series of releases that I have ever fully backed as being an actual deal at those price points; but XVI just didn't work out specifically because of the damage done by that tequila aged part of the blend. Of course, all IMHO.
  22. I liked XVI more than XV and I do believe Firestone Walker is releasing PNC at some point.
  23. Grant35

    Grant35 Savant (315) California Jul 7, 2012

    Bottled on 420?! God I love Colorado - cant wait for GABF!
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  24. I nominate this to win last night's drunken post of the night award
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  25. Man Colo has some nice artisanal stuff going on that's for sure

  26. FTowne

    FTowne Initiate (0) Missouri Jan 27, 2012

    California isn't exactly a beer wasteland...is it?

    Edit: your avatar is freaking my shit out.
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  27. JohnnyMc

    JohnnyMc Savant (470) Ohio Feb 14, 2012

    I really, really, really want to get some of this. Anyone who picks some up and would consider trading one or two bottles please get in touch! This sounds absolutely fantastic and I know my girlfriend would love it too.
  28. Yes, Mr. Anyone, when you get some for JohnnyMc, get 2 for me as well please! This stuff is totally my style, unlike these heavy coffee/tobacco stouts around here

    FTowne: I'm glad
  29. Infinite1

    Infinite1 Savant (360) Illinois Jul 2, 2010

    My buddy was able to score some I can't wait for my shipment
  30. Did they actually sell out on Sunday?
  31. I believe they may have. It appeared that the local demand was almost perfectly equal to the supply. There were some people who bought far less than the bottle max, cracked one in the parking lot, got back in line and maxed out on the second trip through the line.

    It's worth noting that Avery runs a great bottle release. Had a great beer list for the event, had cocktail servers taking orders in the line, handed out tickets to the people in line so they knew when the beer ran out and hustled the crowd through the line with the quickness. Excellent work Avery!
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  32. Avery guy said they didn't sell out. Says they will take stock today and tomorrow and figure out who in CO will get some.
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  33. Some early reports awhile back said that this was getting to get some distribution. Bad info, or was there some change?
  34. It's not bad info. Avery opens up the sales at the release and sells until the event is over or the beer is gone. If it doesn't sell out they figure out how much is left and how it will be distributed. Obviously CO gets it first.

    All info is my observations of past releases and if I can buy it in the stores and no inside information
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  35. barfdiggs

    barfdiggs Savant (420) California Mar 22, 2011

    Keep it at #1, its absolutely insane. The vanilla coconut speedway stout is my favorite variant to date.
  36. Infinite1

    Infinite1 Savant (360) Illinois Jul 2, 2010

    All I know Coconut Stout/Porter from any brewer right now sounds amazing
  37. FTowne

    FTowne Initiate (0) Missouri Jan 27, 2012

    You need to try Fantastic Voyage, if you haven't already.
  38. Infinite1

    Infinite1 Savant (360) Illinois Jul 2, 2010

    I'll have to look up beer menus to see if I can get that around here