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BA Blackbeard

Discussion in 'US - South-Atlantic' started by Head-high, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Travelling down from Florence with a couple of friends for this release, planning to make a day of it. Can any Charleston locals comment on if this is a decent itinerary for hitting breweries, stores, and getting beer/lunch:

    -Coast for BA Blackbeerd release
    -Holy City
    -Closed For Business (for lunch)
    -James Island Pig
  2. Looks like a good trip to me! Probably gonna have to hustle to hit Holy City before 2pm (unless you're just picking up bottles and foregoing tastings at the breweries). I wouldn't bother with the Pig as you will already have had access to anything they'll have in stock from the previous destinations. Would hate to be the DD on this trip. :p
  3. Thanks for the info! On Holy City's website they claim the tasting room is open until 4pm on Saturdays, is that mistaken?
  4. I know the tasting room is only open until 2pm this Saturday as they have a scheduled event (carnival) later that afternoon. Not sure on tickets, etc. for the event; though, you might just want to plan on attending that as I'm sure their brews will be available for tasting/purchase there as well. Maybe someone a little more familiar with HC can chime in as to the specifics as I've only been able to attend their Anniversary event.
  5. Ill probably be getting there right around 11. Reason being I want to scoop up another growler of Old Nuptial if possible.
  6. If I end up behind a bus again, I'm setting that sumbitch on fire before people get off.
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  7. Sounds good. I'll most likely see you there even if it's just a quick meet and greet. =)

  8. Pig has lots of beers the CBX doesn't have. CBX has more high end stuff but Piggly has a better 6 pack selection. Depends on what you are looking for. Bombers? Stick to CBX. 6 packs? Hit up the pig also.
  9. Here's the low-down on the HCB event: http://chsbeer.org/event/2012/st-andrews-firefighter-community-assistance-foundation-benefit-hcb
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  10. No wories Calton is too busy down in NOLA for Zwanze day to round up his heard of mules. :D
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  11. I got there around 1040, there were maybe 10 people there, but by the time the gates opened, it was between 20-30. Heard someone saying they drove down from VA. I had a sample before I got it, it wasn't as boozy as years past, very smooth.
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  12. raverjames

    raverjames Savant (475) Virginia Dec 11, 2003

    Wish I made it for the old nup, but I luckily have a bottle left to crack open after my wedding.
  13. So, did the BA BB last throughout the tasting day?
  14. raverjames

    raverjames Savant (475) Virginia Dec 11, 2003

    Definitely. Tons left when I headed out around 1. Tasty beer!
  15. BA Blackbeerd is one of my favorite BA stouts ever based on yesterday's tasting and the bottle we opened last night. It's ridiculously smooth and the bourbon flavor was blended perfectly with the beer rather than overpowering it. BA Old Nuptial on the other hand left me a bit disappointed, but I'm glad I got to tick a sample of it and see what it's about. I'd love to try the base barleywine sometime without the additional barrel aging. I felt like the barrel flavors were too up front.
  16. raverjames

    raverjames Savant (475) Virginia Dec 11, 2003

    The base was hot and not that great fresh. The BA version was amazing when released and also when I tasted a bottle a couple months ago. I didn't get a growler of the recent release, so I can't comment on that.
  17. The base beer was brewed in 2009, there is still some hanging around that I believe was put in barrels for another round of bottle old Nup sometime in the future. Not sure if they have plans to make another fresh batch or not. I have to disagree with you on the Old Nup though, I think the barrel character is amazing. Might be my favorite barelywine ever. BTW I am the person who was standing right behind you in line on Sat. How was the rest of your Charleston trip?
  18. Head-high

    Head-high Aficionado (140) Virginia Jun 15, 2012

    These were the barrels with Old Nup in them. This pic was taken in Oct..[​IMG]
  19. Not gonna lie, this excites me greatly. Any idea what time they put it in those barrels? The original was in for 18 months, thats why its so goddamn delicious. Hope they let it sit there that long again!
  20. Head-high

    Head-high Aficionado (140) Virginia Jun 15, 2012

    Not sure. I thought the beer that was in these barrels is what was just released but I'm just assuming.
  21. Maybe, but Scott at CBX told me on Saturday, that they had some of the original batch that was currently aging and yet to be released. I assumed what was just released at the brewery was previously barrel aged and then kegged in 2011 version. That was the impression I got.
  22. ksurkin

    ksurkin Savant (250) Virginia Jan 9, 2009

    haha, i must be who you heard. i was 1st in line standing with Cameron from GBX. i did, technically, drive down from VA but i was in town for a medical conference with my girlfriend. just got lucky that the release happened to be the same weekend. however, i will be driving down from VA for Brewvival in February.
  23. Hey, yeah I remember talking with you. The rest of the day was great thanks, we hit pretty much all the spots we wanted to (didn't even up going to the Pig but we'd already sunk so much money at CBX it didn't feel necessary). I managed to get some big personal wants at CBX (most specifically Peche Mortel), and we had a really good time at Holy City. My friend John who I was with at Coast is hoping to start a small brewery at some point in the future and the guys we talked to at Holy City were really friendly and helpful with advice and info. I nabbed a growler of their Collision stout which I think is fantastic.

    As far as Old Nup goes, I really wanted to like it based on the reputation but it just wasn't doing it for me (but that could be a typical problem of too-high expectations). I still wish I'd grabbed a growler of it to try out in a manner other than out of a 4oz sampler glass.
  24. From memory I think the original batch was put in barrels and some was bottled after 18 months and some is still in barrels. As for the old nups they have now im sure its just a keg they have from the first release. Just like when they pull out old blackbeerd. They aren't newly made kegs, just ones they have been sitting on. Basically i'm saying the old nups is not an aged longer in the barrels version, just a keg that was never tapped. That seems like the obvious scenario.
  25. Had a blast this weekend! Good to finally put some BA names with faces.
  26. Head-high

    Head-high Aficionado (140) Virginia Jun 15, 2012

    Yeah, this makes more sense and also makes me optimistic that it might make its way into bottles an some point. :hope:
  27. Well, it sounded good. Helps add to the hype! Where in VA you from? I lived up near Blacksburg for a few years.

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