Bad batch of a good beer?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by GMan, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. GMan

    GMan Savant (335) Tennessee Apr 16, 2012

    I just finished the 4th bottle of a sixer of Two-hearted , which is one of my all-time favorites. I have intentionally waited a few days between drinking each bottle just in case my taste buds were on vacation or something else bizarre was going on with my palate. Every bottle has had a weird metallic taste that just messes up the whole experience, even using my usual pint glass.

    Anyone else had to drain pour a really good beer that for some reason tasted like shit? I have had the beer in the fridge since I bought it. It was not cold when I picked it up, but I have never seen this sit around on the shelf too long. Just wondering what could be the reason...
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    Problem with your taste buds. Only known cure is amputation. Bummer dude.
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  3. mdanberg

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    I've had a problem like that a few times when the beer was well past expiration. The first time was Loose Cannon that was 3 months past expiration. It seemed like it had a slightly acidic taste and wasn't normal tasting. The acidic part might have been my head playing tricks on me since I had recently been reading about beer going bad, but I ended up drain pouring it anyway.

    The other was a batch of Mirror Pond that was 6 months past expiration. It's still drinkable, but the flavor changed quite a bit and has a bit of funk in it. I hadn't even thought to check because I'm in the Philly area and we only get Deschutes once a year, so I figured it was a fresh shipment.
  4. SammyJaxxxx

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    Happened to me once with a bottle of Maine Beer Co Zoe.
    I drink it alot and knew when I poured it something was wrong.
    Just glad it wasn't the first time I had it. I never would have tried another.
  5. That's the only down side with most craft brewers. Their beer is not consistent batch to batch. Most of the time, their beer is on point, but there are those instances where the beer just doesn't cut the mustard.
  6. How old are your beers? Below is the information on Bell’s dating system:

    “As of April 2011, they will also be using a packaging date. The first line shows the batch number, 10302, and the second gives the bottling date. Following the bottling date is a letter that signifies a shelf life category. Currently, we are using A, B, and C to denote six months, twelve months, and unlimited respectively. Brands that would be considered having unlimited shelf lives include Expedition Stout and Third Coast Old Ale.”

    Bell’s claims that Two Hearted has a best by timeframe of 6 months (“A”) but IMHO IPAs should be consumed with less than 3 months from the packaging date.

  7. GMan

    GMan Savant (335) Tennessee Apr 16, 2012

    Well, that may be the problem. The date on the bottle is 10/24/12, so almost 6 months old.

    Thanks for the heads up. I will have to start checking the date before buying.

    Bell's does not distribute to Tn, so I am like a kid in a candy store when I find this out of state. I just run around loading up a buggy without checking anything!
  8. My wife bought me a Lost Abbey Serpent Stout that I recently shared with a buddy. Well, WAS going to share, until an actual serpent poured out of the bottle: a large slime ball that looked like a thick, black loogey. It splashed with a big "GLUP" sound. I fished it out of my glass with a stick (it was that thick) and dropped it on the ground, where I swear I think I saw it wiggle on its own. Bevmo replaced it...with something else.
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  9. jesskidden

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    o_O So, you seem to be saying that beers taste best before their "Best Before" dates?

    Hmmm... you'd think brewers would somehow let consumers know that about those "Best Before" dates.
  10. RussBeercier

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    Just picked up a sixer of Two Hearted today. Bottle dated 1/7/13 A. Something is just not right. It's drinkable, but not like the Two Hearted I have grown to love. Is this maybe a beer with a short lifespan.......or is it just a bad batch. Hard to say. A beer should be good longer than 6 months.
  11. VladTepes

    VladTepes Aficionado (180) Finland Oct 18, 2012

    I think, that it wasn't bad batch. People always says bad batch, but more obvious reason is age of the bottle and/or your own taste differs day to day.
  12. ThirstyFace

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    Victory Headwaters. 50/50 chance in my experience. Gave up at this point.