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Discussion in 'Bad Traders' started by Irishace9, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. I recently learned the value of waiting...a...long...time...before starting one of these threads. Never know what life threw at your trading partner this week. Give him a chance.
  2. cavemanlawyer

    cavemanlawyer Savant (345) Oregon Dec 7, 2010 Verified

    It's fine to be patient as long as the other person is communicating with you. Life happens to everyone and sometimes delays are unavoidable. Shipping beer is not the most important thing in the world.

    However, if the other person simply goes dark and does not respond to messages and gives no reason for the delay, then it is appropriate to call them out and list them on the bad trader list. For the good of the land!
  3. i burst into uncontrollable laughter seeing this juxtaposed next to your avatar.
  4. Irishace9

    Irishace9 Savant (480) Illinois Sep 7, 2012 Verified Subscriber

    Everything ironed out guys. He received his package last week I should hopefully get mine this weekend or early next week. Thanks for your thoughts.
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