Ballast point & Karl Strauss @ Dans

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  1. Only have the Strauss beers at Forest Hill. Grabbed a sixer of the IPA though it was on the shelf - waiting for it to cool down now.
  2. EarlKight

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    This is Earl from Ballast Point, I will try to answer all the questions:
    • This is the 1st time we have shipped beer to Australia, about 280 cases of Big Eye IPA (4 pallets). We have been shipping for about two years to Japan and New Zealand. Using the same exporter, Global Craft Trading.
    • We have seen pics of our beer in Australia in the past idea how it got there. Right now the only beer that is "approved" is in Dan Murphy's. We are open to chatting with other folks, feel free to contact me.
    • The Dan Murphy guys found us about a year or so ago when they were in So Cal looking at other retailers...probably Beverages n More, Total Wines etc...both big operations, heavy in US Craft. They just showed up at our brewery one afternoon, we had a chat and a few pints. We agreed to send them a bit of beer using Global Craft Trading.
    • We are not exporters. Too confusing for us, so we use Global Craft. Couple of US guys that are beer lovers and logistic experts based in Yokohama, Japan and Long Beach, Ca. These guys work on tight margins(small company, about 6 folks) and in most situations sell direct to retail cutting out a layer of distribution that would have added to the final cost. Thus a better price for the end consumer.
    • Dan's wanted a full container but our capacity is a bit tight so we helped to get an assortment to fill out the load...Karl, Coronado etc...not sure what other breweries made it on. We really just wanted to dip our toe in the water...4 pallets is a toe dipping. We made the assumption that it would hit the market and sell out fast...and we could get some feedback...just like all of you have supplied
    • Beer is picked up temp controlled and shipped 40f-43f...any colder and the product near the cooling unit can freeze.
    • We just started code dating our beer about 9 months ago, in fact we installed a new device yesterday that will place the date on the label vs. the glass and be easier to read. June 27th date, we are looking into that, Murphy's requires the freshest beer, and 9 times out of 10 the beer that we ship away was bottled within a day. Next shipment of Big Eye coming your way is June 20th, that was ordered two weeks ago, I believe 6 pallets.
    • Murphy's also ordered our Black Marlin Porter in 22oz bottles, that should be arriving shortly. Not sure what the end price will be.
    • Brewery info: We have grown from 11,000 barrels of production in 2008 to 45,000 this year and are in the planning stages for a 3rd brewery in San Diego. We do not contract brew. 70% of our beer in sold in So Cal. You can find us in 16 states in the US (not full states, just major cities) We brew over 40 different styles of beer, with about 14 offered in bottles the rest just on draft.
    If I missed something feel free to send me an email or ask me a question here: [email protected]
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    Thank you very much for that Earl. Just a quick question, do you guys ship kegs? I'm part of the same company that owns Dan's and would love to get some on tap at our pub...
  4. good to see dans add a decent US brewery to their list after the last few crap beers they got it
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    Thanks for the reply EarlKight. Very good to have legitimate access to your beers anyhow.
  6. EarlKight

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    We are exploring kegs, but it may take awhile. In japan we use Global Craft's float of kegs, they ship a few hundred to San Diego, we split them up between us, stone and greenflash, fill them and ship back to Japan...perhaps Dan's should buy their own kegs, ship them to use and we can send them back never know
  7. Earl, spoke to Lori about kegs locally, its an option and guys like me could fill and send back.
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    Can you send out victory at sea???
    That would rock!!!
    Thanks for sending your beer out here!
  9. Interesting, after Earl's most informative and most welcome comments.
    Was in Uncle Dan's last week in Hornsby and picked up a sixer. Still full on the shelves. Other Danno's also seem to be well stocked after a good few weeks.

    Seems to be a different game when compared to when SN landed for the first time. I recall they sold out quickly.

    I wasn't wholly convinced by the sample I had, which is a shame, as it seems as tho care has been taken in transport.
  10. sinkas

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    I picked up a sixer of each ,
    they both have Mar 13 BBD's, and tast pretty good to me
  11. danieelol

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    is the new stock in yet?

  12. MrKennedy

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    Ballast Point (@BPbrewing) tweeted a link to the following on their Facebook page:

    Heads up Australia!
    Over the next week or so 22's of Black Marlin Porter will be hitting your shores, keep your eyes peeled!