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Germany Bamberg and surrounding areas

Discussion in 'Europe' started by MannyGermany, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. MannyGermany

    MannyGermany Initiate (15) Jan 26, 2013

    Grüß Gott !! Greetings beer fans from Bavaria. I have been living in Bamberg for about 2.5 years. In my time here I have tried so many Beers from the area I don't recall them all :) At the moment my favorite is from http://www.ambraeusianum.de/ but I also enjoy the beer from http://www.spezial-keller.de/

    I live near the mayor of Bamberg and have the perfect view of all. I will of course post pictures. I hope that maybe I can help others find good beer if you come to visit or buy.
  2. boddhitree

    boddhitree Advocate (650) Germany Apr 13, 2008

    Thank you for your offer to post pics and write about your beer experience. I'm sure I'm not the only one who will love to hear, read and see what you post.

    To others: would this thread be a good repository for all info. on Bamberg? Could we repost all info. here so there will be a one-stop thread for the numerous questions we get on this topic?
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  3. Gutes_Bier

    Gutes_Bier Advocate (525) Germany Jul 31, 2011

    I like this idea, and the idea of Stickies for cities like Munich, Köln, and Düsseldorf as well. Berlin might be better served to be its own thing.

    To the OP, welcome! We can always use another Bamberg expert.
  4. Stahlsturm

    Stahlsturm Savant (440) Germany Mar 21, 2005

    If we could get someone to make stickies for city guides I would actually bother to write a more detailed Regensburg "marathon" review and take pictures of it.
  5. Hmmm, I wonder how HerrBurgess is going to handle the fact that there is a new Sheriff in town!?!;)

  6. boddhitree

    boddhitree Advocate (650) Germany Apr 13, 2008

    Who wants to contact the Bro.s to ask for this?
  7. Gutes_Bier

    Gutes_Bier Advocate (525) Germany Jul 31, 2011

    I don't know if this has been brought up with them before or not, but I do believe they prefer if you use this: http://beeradvocate.com/beerfly/

    Although I do think write-ups with pics would be fun.
  8. Stahlsturm

    Stahlsturm Savant (440) Germany Mar 21, 2005

    And... I'm out.

    However, should an overseas BA happen to swing by Regensburg and be interested in doing the "marathon" and maybe even document it I'll gladly serve as a guide.
  9. cu29

    cu29 Aficionado (235) Wisconsin Sep 26, 2005

    What is this "marathon" of which you speak? Is it 26.2 miles worth of visiting breweries? Is it 26.2 hours of drinking beer? Perhaps it's 26.2 brewery visits???!!!!! :D
  10. Stahlsturm

    Stahlsturm Savant (440) Germany Mar 21, 2005

    It has no real marathon meaning of course but my wife used to be a runner so we like to play with the terminology a bit :D What it really is to me and her is taking the Agilis train (our local commuter train) into town, walk from the railways station through the 5 breweries of downtown Regensburg and have a Maß each. Since it's basically all in the old town it's also a nice touristy tour since not only all breweries but also all the sights of 2000 years of Regensburg are included. She always jokes that I should be a tourist guide or a history teacher and I guess I do have some talent in that area, hahaha. I just like to be able to tell about the history of the place we're just sitting in drinking and having a local snack. She also thinks I should suggest it as an official tour to the tourist office of the town but frankly, this is my thing, I want to keep it :D
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  11. “5 breweries of downtown Regensburg and have a Maß each” Drinking 5 Maß beers! That is what I am talking about! GO BIG OR GO HOME!:D

    Since you wife is from New England please tell he that Jack thinks she is Wicked Hard Core! Which should be pronounced as Wicked Haad Coa!

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  12. Stahlsturm

    Stahlsturm Savant (440) Germany Mar 21, 2005

    Truth be told, some of the places don't even offer a Maß as such so we drink two halves in (relatively) rapid succession. It also depends on the outside weather. If it's quite warm and I know the place only has glass mugs that heat up rather quickly then I'll go for 2 seperate halves as well. I'd rather get another cool beer than gulp down the warmed up remains of my Maß. When they have clay mugs (like Spital and Kneitinger do) I can go for the big one even at + 35°C, hehehe.

    About the marathon itself, even though it is supposed to be about Regensburg breweries it can be "extended" beyond those 5 because I know at least 5 more very decent places with other very decent beer along the way. Just in case the 600 meters walking between the breweries is getting too long for some, hahaha.

    Yeah, she's a native Rhode Islander and besides the serious lack of any decent ocean (the closest would be the North Sea in Holland about 900 km away...) she loves it here. She didn't even drink beer until she came here, hahaha. Once I introduced her to Bavaria's national sport ("Einarmiges Reissen in der 1 Liter Klasse") there was no stopping her :D
  13. “ …she's a native Rhode Islander and besides the serious lack of any decent ocean... she loves it here.”

    She must have had her fill of quahogs and now it is time for wurst and beer!

  14. JonathanL7890

    JonathanL7890 Savant (380) Texas Dec 1, 2007 Beer Trader

    I'm going to Annafest in Forchheim this year (July 22- 26). Has anybody ever been?
    Tips / comments welcome.
  15. cu29

    cu29 Aficionado (235) Wisconsin Sep 26, 2005

    Annafest is great. Go earlier in the day to avoid some of the crowds that can bottle-neck that paths later in the evening.
    Ask to go into a cave or two. Many of the workers seemed happy to show them to my wife and me.
    Try as many of the different fest beers as you can. Split the liters with your companions, or ask for half a pour. Some Keller's will do that for you.
    Pray it doesn't rain.
    Download the Annafest app from the Google play store.
  16. UncleJimbo

    UncleJimbo Site Editor (1,000) Massachusetts Sep 11, 2002 Staff Member

    Annafest is great. I have attended 3 years (2007, 2009, 2011).

    But you should start a new thread because now your discussion is buried in this not-directly-related thread where few people will see it.
  17. Stahlsturm

    Stahlsturm Savant (440) Germany Mar 21, 2005

    I've never been to Annafest but I've been to the "Kellerwald" in Forchheim which basically is a perpetual Annafest without the masses. Up that hill, under mighty trees every brewery of Forchheim has an ancient cellar with a pub on top so you get 10 or 15 brewpubs within crawling distance. And believe me, by pub 8 you need that, hahahaha. So, even if you're in Forchheim outside the actual festival time, by all means, DO GO.
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