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Bamberg based bike trip...

Discussion in 'Germany' started by FrankenBier, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. ...well, bike and beer :)

    Going to be in Bamberg May 9 thru 27 with my trusty Bike Friday riding out each day to whatever breweries/kellers I feel like visiting. Beer and cycling are always better with company so if anybody wants to tag along, you are more than welcome.
  2. Would absolutely love to. Think I'm probably stuck here, though. May is usually one of the safest bets for Kellerwetter. What routes are you planning to taking?
  3. Nothing specific planned. No overnights, just day trips (out and back or loops). I often will head in a direction and when I've reached my beer and/or distance limit take the train back to Bamberg. I have some standards I like -- Geisfeld -> Rossdorf , out to Freudeneck and back and down to the Kreuzberg/Hallendorf area (Witzgall on the way). There is also a nice loop around Bad Staffelstein that hits lots of breweries.